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Key information

  • Years: 2017 / 2018
  • Surface area: 7,000 m2
  • Places: a mission carried out in Nantes, missions in progress in other French cities.

Context & issues

Sale by Elsan of a site in the city centre of a Prefecture, some of the activities having already been transferred to a more modern site whose extension work is being launched in parallel with the proposed sale. It is a strategic site for the city; a central position and a heritage character.

Missions carried out

  • Creation of the data room
  • Definition of urban prescriptions with cities
  • Management of the call for applications and call for tenders
  • Conduct of negotiations before submission of bids
  • Assistance in contractualization


  • Involvement of all stakeholders before the operation
  • Timeframe and confidentiality under control
  • Risk and hazard management throughout the project
  • Securing the price and conditions from the sale to the contractualization phase