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Startup spirit with Copines de voyage (Travel friends)


Ultra-rapid growth has led the start-up Copines de Voyage, both an agency and a social network created in 2015, to invest in new offices in a nursery on the outskirts of Annecy, more spacious and more in line with the spirit of the times.

Key informations

  • Year: 2018
  • Surface area: 300 m2
  • Location: Annecy
  • Workstations: 30


  • Collect needs
  • Creation of a decorative concept
  • Design of work environments
  • Space planning
  • AMO
  • Furniture



Too small, too spartan, without identity, the first address of this young company in full development could no longer suit the thirty or so employees who wanted to give their brand an image. It was at an incubator, Les Papeteries Image Factory near Annecy, that Copines de Voyage found its new home. The problem was that the already partitioned "hard" spaces did not allow them to review and adapt the plans as if they were on a blank page on which to write their new story. This structural difficulty was compounded by the modest budget allocated to the project. The Colliers France teams therefore showed great creativity in recreating convivial and atypical spaces in a very classic segmentation of volumes while breaking free from the classic circuit of office furniture suppliers.



A wallpaper with exotic patterns, a hanging armchair in woven rattan, large pouffes like islands of rest, a palette of pastel tones awakened by the green presence of succulent and cactus, soft and feminine lines: the atmosphere of the start-up is resolutely ethnic and chic. An invitation to travel in a mix of styles skillfully staged by the architects of Colliers France, who create a unique atmosphere, both studious and teeming, from the very first glance.



Several typologies of spaces have been developed to correspond to the different uses. The offices along the façades are fitted out with unique layouts that punctuate the different environments. Two wooden corner benches are covered with padded mattresses and a multitude of cushions facing Acapulco armchairs, with thick Berber carpet at their feet, delimit a lounge area, ideal for brainstorming with others or relaxing. A small, partitioned lounge area features ultra-light, modular and colourful furniture, for exchanging ideas in project mode. Alcove seating allows you to isolate yourself in front of the large bay windows, while you can meet and eat in the cafeteria area around a long central high table. 

Surprise effects, an invitation from the outside landscape to the inside, and conviviality throughout, these arrangements were designed by the teams of Colliers France to meet the expectations of the employees of Copines de Voyage. Young, dynamic and nomadic, they find here the unusual spaces they are looking for, comfortable and welcoming, where the boundaries between home, café, nature and office are blurred.

Photos realized by Shoootin.