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Issy-les-Moulineaux Municipal Administrative Centre

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New mobility for a common home


Much more than a slogan, it is a state of mind that the town of Issy-les-Moulineaux of 70,000 inhabitants wanted to infuse through the renovation of its administrative center. The quality of the welcome, improved working conditions, user-friendliness and a digital approach have guided this new development. An avant-garde vision for a public service that gives primacy to the user.

Connected and multi-purpose... The Colliers France teams have created these new user reception spaces for the Issy-les-Moulineaux Municipal Administrative Centre, which wanted to consolidate the different services within the same space to facilitate the reception journey and the administrative procedures of the users. A second part of the redeveloped spaces concerns the workspaces of his employees. Discover in pictures these spaces where nature occupies an important place!

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  postes de travail
  conception   ralisation
Location         Delivery            Surface          Employees     Workstations     Conception       Realization
Issy-les-Moulineaux Town Hall   February 2020   5 000 m2 (with 800 m open to the public)   29   21   4 months   3 months

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Ensuring quality public service and improving the working conditions of the employees were the first steps that have guided our overall design approach. They have led us to value the place of the individual, to recreate social ties and to reinvent usage times in order to improve the well-being of everyone.

Discover the full story of this project in our Book Colliers #5 (pages 41 to 59) >


  • Strategic framing
  • Project management
  • Planning charter and space planning
  • Architectural red wire - design
  • Graphic and signage
  • Change management
  • Assistance in the choice of furniture
  • Construction follow-up
  • Transfer engineering while in occupied site


2019_CAM ISSY_04

"In the past, the visitor had to travel from reception to reception in the different floors to meet the agents. By deciding to group all the receptions in a single space, it is the agent who goes in front of the visitor. » Chloé Olliver and Julie Epis, in charge of the renovation project at Colliers France.


2019_CAM ISSY_03

"In order to have flexibility in areas dedicated to the public, all spaces were treated in the same spirit and with the same colour codes: plant walls, white resin facets and curves on floors and ceilings." Chloé Olliver and Julie Epis, in charge of the renovation project at Colliers France.