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Wellio Marseille La Joliette | Calypso


The Joliette district of Marseille, where the foundation stone of the Wellio brand was laid, immediately became the source of inspiration for the architects of Colliers International France.


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Key information

  • Year: 2017
  • Surface area: 2,300 m2
  • Workstations: 200
  • Coworking stations: 25
  • Private office space: 50
  • Location: La Joliette district, Marseille
  • Design time: 2 months
  • Time to complete: 3 months  

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As soon as you enter Wellio Marseille Joliette, your eye is caught by Enjoy Café. Its natural materials, wood or jute canvas, its acidulous and sunny colours, a beach spirit inspired by the presence of parasols and deckchairs inviting relaxation, all contribute to the spirit of the place. A strong aesthetic bias inspired by the port universe sets the pace for traffic spaces that can also be inhabited - tees for telephoning, brainstorming in small groups or working in isolation. Carpets and paintings are dressed in nautical blue, wallpapers evoke the fauna and flora of the sea in an ultra-modern graphic design and textile patterns play the seaside style with elegance.

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Coworking stations, dedicated offices, trays for projects and events respond to a very wide variety of uses and postures. They are available in a very simple layout, with neutral tones, without ignoring the identity of the Phocaean City thanks to the presence of touches of pebble grey, blue and woody notes. 

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Privatizable office area offering a wide variety of spaces with a brainstorming area in an amphitheatre, closed meeting room and lounge area on the front side    

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