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AXA's Huddle


A user friendly environment for teams

After building the 16,000 square metres of the new AXA Enjoy building, we worked with AXA Group Operations teams to build the next-generation coworking space: the Huddle. On two levels, modularity and flexibility are at their peak here. From the definition of uses to the choice of furniture, everything has been designed to offer a great freedom of movement and a real quality of work life, transforming the place into a real playground.

lieu   livraison   surface   postes de travail   postes de runion
  conception   ralisation
Location         Delivery            Surface          Workstations     Meeting posts     Conception       Realization
Batignolles, Paris 17    June 2020    900 sqm (of which 800 sqm open to the public)   36 + 24   48 + 40
  3 months   4 months


With the huddle, the AXA group has pushed the boundaries of innovation and shaken up habits in order to strengthen team cohesion for all users, whether in the field or at a distance. To mark the place by the experience of uses, to embody collective intelligence, the place must embark an overflowing creativity to design a totally flexible and hyper-connected environment, instilling a new way of inhabiting places and moving in space. We also supported the AXA GO teams in the development of a new hybrid way of working; HWoW for Hybrid Ways of Working.


  • Strategic framing
  • Programming
  • Conception, design
  • Assistance in the choice of furniture
  • Completion of the work


"This coworking is a showcase of AXA GO's know-how in the development of customer solutions, but also illustrate an avant-garde vision of the layout of workspaces to go as far as hyper modularity! We went off the beaten track and dared with great freedom. It was essential to breathe a wind of freedom into each of the spaces. This has resulted in hyper-connectivity: employees have state-of-the-art tools to work anywhere, conduct video conferencing or conduct interviews.Zaret Villegas, Architect in charge of the project at Colliers France.

Discover the full story of this project in our Book Colliers #5 (pages 87 to 107) >


"At a time when remote work and unallocated posts are gaining ground, huddles, these reconfigurable and reservable open space allow employees to co-locate for a set time. An attractive vector and an efficiency factor, the distance is integrated into meeting rooms via cameras with a zoom that detects facial expressions. As in the studio, you can make podcasts and conduct interviews face-to-face or remotely." Han Paemen, Director Workplace Consulting at Colliers France.