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Connected nature for Axa GO Enjoy

In six months, the 1,600 talents of the new AXA GO entity were brought together in a brand-new 16,000 m2 building in the heart of Paris... a gamble that paid off!


AXA GO has opted for an arrangement of workstations shared by activity, with highly ergonomic typologies, such as interaction spaces, the solo workstation, with a view out to sea, or the numerous bubbles, these small individual partitioned spaces that are easily accessible by all. This environment offers more possibilities for employees. To support AXA GO teams in this change, we worked with them to design a specific support plan, which we then helped to deploy by coaching a team of internal facilitators.


Key informations

  • Delivery: may 2019
  • Surface area: 15 700 m2 
  • Location : Batignolles
  • Workstations: 1 000
  • Employees: 1 700


  • Framing of the project, development of planning principles in support of cultural and digital transformation
  • Development of spaces, as well as their equipment and uses
  • Architectural conception and design, development of workplace branding, works and furniture, consultations, implementation follow-up.
  • Design of the support plan, training and co-coordination of internal facilitators
  • Communication support
  • Help with "consistency monitoring" 3B" (development + technology + support) throughout the project.
  • Support for the implementation of the day-to-day management of the site


Han Paemen, Director Workplace, et Zaret Villegas, Interior Architect at Colliers présent the amazing project in our Book Colliers n°4 (pages 127 à 144) >


Discover AXA GO's offices !



« Our greatest pride? Succeeding in designing and building, in a context constrained in terms of planning and space, a work environment that is a real lever for transformation and performance for AXA GO. And this by offering employees a real quality of life at work. » Han Paemen, Director Workplace at Colliers International France. 


« To identify the floors, each with its own color. It was a customer's wish. To recall the theme of nature, we invited the sun. Thus, the colours change according to the direction of the wings of the building: to the west, the colours are muted like a sunset; to the south, under a zenital sun, they are bright; and to the east, when the sun rises, they are soft. » Zaret Villegas, Interior Architect at Colliers International France. 

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