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AXA Belgium



By redeploying its new head office in a building designed to keep pace with the times and new ways of working, Axa has embarked on a real revolution. When the architecture of a place has a profound impact on a company's culture.

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Key informations

  • Year: 2017
  • Surface area: 20 300 m2
  • Workstation l : 1 540
  • Location: Trône, Brussels, Belgium
  • Design time : 6 months
  • Time of execution: 6 months 


With a head office in the suburbs, tedious common trans - port access conditions, and a dozen different sites spread throughout Belgium, the insurer Axa wanted to relocate, simplify and modernize its activities in Belgium. A perspective that he wished to accompany with a strategic reflection on the evolutions and challenges of new working methods. Owned by the Axa Group, a double building requiring complete renovation in the heart of the capital has become a must. A way to offer greater accessibility and attractiveness to its current and future employees, to enhance the value of its real estate assets but above all to inject new energy into the company in a major project.

It is in this context that Axa has opted for working environments in NWOW (New Way of Working), supported by the strategic framework led by Colliers International teams in Brussels, which includes cultural upheavals, demographic changes and future developments in the professional insurance sector. Relying on the 3B technique as the driving force behind this relocation project, Axa has redesigned its workspaces (Bricks) to be more fluid, its technological tools (Bytes) more uniform to facilitate access, just as its habits include - mental (Behaviour), more autonomous and responsible.

 AXA 52


Result? Decompartmentalized and dematerialized, the interior design project developed by Colliers International France allows greater fluidity in the relationships between the insurer's various core businesses and in the working methods of its 2,600 employees. To secure this profound change, which began in 2011, a temporary experiment was carried out from 2014 on one of the existing sites on a smaller scale before being put into practice in 2017 at Place du Trône, the address of the new head office.


This new culture has resulted in the adoption of the concept of Activity Based Working (ABW) implementation, in which transparency and mobility are the guiding principles. Each of the 6 floors of the head office marked with a colour evocative of the company's values develops identical spaces leaving room for a very wide variety of uses. No one, even the most senior management positions, has a job assigned to them. 

AXA 22


To facilitate the use and appropriation of the premises by all, the signage has been particularly careful. A real instruction manual, it can be found in all the entry points of the trays and presents the different spaces according to the type of activity to which they are associated.


In the centre, served by elevators, Colliers International France has set up a core tray with shooting benches, counters, cafeteria, claustra cabins where 2 or 4 people can meet informally, cupboards and lockers where they can store their personal belongings and computers. A link between the two renovated buildings, this common space is a sign of a real traffic dynamic that leads on both sides to specific places that are more compartmentalized and less and less noisy. They meet all needs, from solo work or collaborative workstations, to semi-silent or completely silent environments, meeting rooms or isolation bubbles.

 AXA 42
 Quiet zone, workspaces protected by suspended acoustic panels and conducive to concentration. The benches, tables and screens are fully adjustable. 


A real lung of the building, the Forum, on the ground floor, connects all traffic flows. A nerve centre to facilitate exchanges and meetings. It presents a multitude of types of spaces: visitor reception, mezzanine cafeteria, restaurant under a high ceiling, work and meeting places thanks to connected furniture, concierge services, infirmary, IT and HR service desk to solve everyday problems. A space of more than 4000 m2 open and vibrant to all, the forum illustrates the heart of the company's life. 


This avant-garde approach, integrated in 3 dimensions, allows Axa to have an occupancy rate of 6 positions for 10 employees, a complete commitment of its teams to its new ways of working thanks to a better quality of life in the office where, at each level, everyone evolves at their own pace, in autonomy and in confidence freed from time and space while respecting the company's values.