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Key information

  • Years: 2013 / 2016
  • Surface area: 1 million m2
  • Posts: 77,000 employees
  • Missions: support on real estate strategy

Context and objectives

  • In March 2013, ATOS and Colliers International France signed a framework contract making Colliers the exclusive worldwide real estate partner of the IT leader (77,000 employees occupying nearly 1 million m² in 37 countries).

Within the framework of this agreement, Colliers International France has a double objective:

  • Consider ways to reduce real estate costs and implement these strategies
  • Provide a consistent quality service and rigorous project monitoring while respecting their global challenges


  • After a year of close collaboration, 6 master plans were implemented, 55 cost reduction opportunities identified and 25 local projects carried out.
  • In total, about fifty Colliers International France employees work alongside ATOS on the 5 continents. This collaborative work will reduce real estate costs by about 20% in 4 years