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New history, new organization

When AEW Europe, one of the world's leading real estate investment and asset management advisors, merged with CILOGER, a major player in real estate savings products, it became necessary to bring its teams together in one place. The opportunity to modernize your organization and be as close as possible to your customers.

Key information

  • Year: 2017
  • Surface area: 4,100 m2
  • Positions: 387 regular positions
  • Location: Paris 8ème
  • Design time: 4 months
  • Time to complete: 4 months 


  • Maintenance
  • Conception space planning
  • Interior architecture design
  • Architectural follow-up of the works
  • Advice on furniture selection




Colliers International France supported AEW Europe in the choice of the Capital 8 building, one of the most prestigious business centres in the capital, ideally located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris and offering quality services. It is in this modern and newly renovated environment that AEW Europe has chosen to set up its teams in assigned positions, but with the desire to open up to new ways of working and to change habits internally.

The teams of Colliers International France have relied on the unique architecture of this building to harmonize the spaces. They chose to keep his graphic writing, inspired by Piet Mondrian's work, made of squares and rectangles, hollow or solid, formed by the intersection of the lines of the facades and the structural posts. These boxes and frames have become the starting point for the interior design project.



Along the roadways, Colliers International France's architects deployed structural elements integrating the poles. A practical as well as aesthetic solution since it allowed them to use them to better rhythm the space while erasing them from view. These modules, like so many offset or symmetrical sets of boxes, dressed in dark wood, very elegant, order, partition or separate dedicated office workstations such as openspace. Made to measure, they are intended for different uses, sometimes for storage, sometimes for alcoves or for informal face-to-face or 4-way meetings.



Of a great sobriety, the natural colorama, broken whites and blues, is warmed up by the wood of the claustras or the opalescent effects of the luminaires. As for the cafeteria, it overlooks a large shooting terrace and is divided into 3 distinct spaces, linked together by an inlaid floor with geometric patterns and an offset grid to accentuate the perspective. The first is equipped with facilities to host events, whether it is a presentation or a cocktail, the second, more casual and relaxed, has a counter and bistro tables facing the outside space and finally the third, for those in a hurry, offers coffee and candy machines for quick breaks around counter tables.

Les services à disposition des collaborateurs ont été réunis à chaque entrée de plateau dans une belle épure de style pour mieux laisser la lumière se diffuser et créer un climat serein. On y retrouve casiers personnels, machines à café, espace détente et copieurs.


Enfin, les espaces Accueil Client au rez-de-chaussée, l’espace de Coworking au 2ème étage et les espaces Cafétéria du 5ème étage ont été dédiés aux nouveaux usages collaboratifs. Le premier est traité comme un mini business center avec ses salles de réunions entièrement équipées et son espace lounge chic aux tonalités veloutées, des gris galets, des beiges rosés, avec un mobilier aux lignes fuselées d’inspiration 50’. Les espaces de coworking, mis à la disposition de tous les collaborateurs offrent différentes typologies d’espace pour différents usages et postures : salle projet avec assises basses, salle de réunion tout équipée et petit lounge pour s’isoler.


The subtle graphic interplay of lines that serves as a common thread for interior design, the natural tones that appear along the way, the impression of soft mobility that emerges from it is perfectly adapted to AEW Europe's desire to facilitate exchanges between its two entities and strengthen the bond with its customers.