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Wellio, seventies avant-garde


After Paris and Marseille, Wellio is coming to the City of Light, Lyon, to offer professionals a top-of-the-range workplace just a stone's throw from Part-Dieu station. The new coworking spaces, located on the lower floors of the Silex2 Tower, have been designed in partnership with Colliers to combine confidentiality, connectivity, comfort and premium attention. What's on the agenda? A strong identity, mixing New York loft style and seventies avant-garde, in the service of a plural, flexible and customizable spatial organization.

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Tour Silex2, Lyon   2021    4 800 m²   155


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A home away from home, a perched lair

You'd think you were in the heart of the Big Apple, a stone's throw from the Empire State Building and the banks of the Hudson. However, it is in Lyon's business district that Wellio's new pro-working spaces have taken up residence. From the 1st to the 4th floor of the SilexTower, this multi-faceted offer for businesses is based on a concept that is conducive to time travel: an arty penthouse spirit inspired by the Californian imagination of John Lautner and the crazy New York skyline, which is evocative, stimulating and vibrant. Coworking space, private offices, meeting rooms, relaxation areas... Much more than just imagining a work area, it was a question of creating a strong identity: « We linked the Penthouse concept with the history of Lyon through the sensitivity of the materials, the shimmering of the materials, the play of light and the warmth of the shades » explains Aurélie Bracik, the Architect in charge of the project.


Wellio_Tour Silex_Lyon_130


A destination at the crossroads of rhythms, uses and services

« The space is structured around two areas, the lobby and Penthouse 181, the former serving as a reception area and the latter as a venue for events and catering. Four themes have also been developed in connection with the Penthouse concept to personalise the common areas and long-term offices » continues Aurélie Bracik. Thus, from the interior architecture to the graphic identity, through the choice of beautiful designer furniture, vintage lighting and the making of carpets with geometric patterns, everything has been thought out to create a bubble out of time.

As soon as you enter the Lobby, you immediately feel transported back to the 1970s and the high-end hotel industry. Here, there is no classic reception desk, but a multi-purpose terrazzo island, a connected waiting area and a catering area highlighted by the play of planes, grids, openwork lighting and muffled materials. Around the Lobby, Meeting rooms allow residents and visitors to organise working sessions. To ensure their confidentiality, while maintaining an aesthetic coherence, the glass walls are decorated with an original seventies glazing. 


Wellio_Tour Silex_Lyon_338


Powerful and theatrical codes

On the 4th floor, the change of scenery continues with Penthouse 181. Symbolised by its altimetry, this space is divided into three distinct parts inspired by the codes of the home: Kitchen, Dining room and Lounge. Entirely open, this 150m² space is structured by perforated metal grids suspended or positioned between the custom-made furniture. The circulation is designed to be fluid, encouraging unexpected meetings and informal exchanges.

Great care has been taken with the finishes: the deep black ceiling and the marbled floor diffuse a chic urban perfume from the Kitchen to the opposite end of the stage. The bright orange club armchairs and the golden velvet benches invite you to curl up, while the terrace, in the extension of the Lounge, offers a breath of fresh air. And to complete this décor, straight out of the imagination of a collector of objects signed Achille Castiglioni, a huge kinetic fresco designed by the Chevalvert graphic design studio broadcasts information or plastic works.


« Each of the themes - Solarium, Tailor, Whisky, Embassy - is associated with a type of space, which makes it possible to create a unique piece each time. »


Wellio_Tour Silex_Lyon_235


Warm and customisable pro-working spaces

Meeting rooms, Phone rooms and Nooks (alcoves) of various sizes punctuate the work spaces. Each of these areas is enhanced by one of the four themes chosen: Solarium (pop colours and rounded shapes), Whisky (amber tones and golden lights), Tailor (tweed and Mad Men spirit) and Embassy (powder colours and curly fabric).

« We created moodboards by theme, selected the furniture and accessories for each space and carried out a rigorous layout to give a random impression, like a visited flat where you discover a different room behind each door » explains the Architect. The carpet was also designed by us with houndstooth patterns, geometric shapes and rhombuses evocative of the era of houndstooth and trapeze mini-skirts !

As for the offices, the focus was on comfort, the quality of materials and ergonomics. Styling work has also been carried out to enable professionals to personalise their long-term rental: wallpaper, table lamps, hanging lamps, carpets, small furniture, cushions, vases, etc. From now on, they can simply pick and choose from a catalogue to give their workplace a soul while being sure to find the right decorating match!


- Silex2 -

These spaces are part of the Silex² Tower, located in the dynamic Part-Dieu district of Lyon. Silex² reinvents the office building by offering its occupants premium business and well-being services. Discover two other projects carried out by Colliers teams in this building: Covivio & Solvay.


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