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Covivio, bringing the Grand Hotel retro jazz experience to life

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A new spire that pierces the Lyon sky, the Silex2 Tower unfolds in a play of contrasting materials and textures. Its chiselled metal envelope, a subtle evocation of the architectural heritage of the 1930s, reveals an entirely glazed hall. A reception area for visitors, coworkers, employees and other travellers with an entrepreneurial spirit, this luminous base was fitted out by us. Noble materials, a cosy atmosphere, assertive lines... We imagined several destinations for Covivio, from the waiting areas to the restaurant zones, with one watchword: to provide a unique experience, inspired by the vitality of the Roaring Twenties and the industrial revolution, around connected and legible paths. Ready for a guided tour?

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Tour Silex2, Lyon   June 2021    31 000 m²



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Definition of the architectural concept - Design of the tower's common areas (halls, cafeteria and convenience store, company restaurant, snack bar, business centre, fitness and wellness areas) - Assistance with the choice of furniture - Design of the visual identity and signage of the tower (naming, signage and programming) - Technical finalisation of the APD (Detailed Preliminary Project), costing and programming of the furniture - Find all our services > 


Incarnation of the retro jazz Grand Hotel spirit

Accessible on the same level as the street, the base of the Silex2 Tower opens onto a hall leading to the central patio and the restaurant. A space called the Theater Hall - with its beautiful natural light and high ceilings - that had to be made welcoming and warm. Inspired by the architecture of the tower and the city of Lyon, « we developed a global concept influenced by the avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s, the Bauhaus, the graphic lines of the Chrysler Building and the shimmering colours of Art Deco » explains Serena Coticchia, the Architect on this project. Thus, the hall reveals hushed and enveloping spaces, a sort of customised cocoon, which reveal the beauty of the materials and the elegance of the lines. Seats in cognac-coloured leather, diamond stitching on a camel-coloured fabric, curved stainless steel shells, large carpets with graphic motifs... A particularly careful layout offering a variety of postures, different functions and a premium service where the small attentions give the impression of being pampered, whether you are alone or accompanied!


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«  In the hall, we could not intervene on the floor, walls and ceiling. Carpets were quickly chosen to delimit the different spaces and provide maximum warmth » 


An open multi-use gallery inspired by hotel codes

Putting the visitor at the centre of the project in order to « better meet, revitalise and innovate through strong destinations linked by views and light » is the leitmotiv that has guided the design of a real interior district punctuated by strong centralities. After the Theater Hall, the first hybrid destination, let us discover the Speakeasy Club. Designed to adapt to all the rhythms of the day, this new generation cafeteria is structured around different multi-posture spaces in warm shades and metallic materials. High seats, bleachers, lounge chairs, benches, small round tables and a large table top... Open to all, the Speakeasy Club does not prevent intimacy. On the contrary, the geometrically shaped screens allow you to isolate yourself, work, chat or eat according to the mood of the moment. The aim is to offer continuous quality services, like a chic hotel in the heart of a modern city. All these visitor and user paths are crossed to offer a memorable experience, facilitate daily life and organise circulation according to use. 


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Plug & work furniture to sit comfortably, check your emails or charge your phone during an event.


A base for living spaces

The formidable play of materials and the quality of the finishes continues in the third destination: the Dinner House. Here, the restaurants codes from USA north-east are fully assumed through the presence of mustard yellow, fir green and duck blue benches and custom-made distribution furniture. Visually separated by fluted glass, this furniture allows small groups to have lunch, alongside large tables that reinforce the convivial character of the place. Shelves also offer the possibility to enjoy the unobstructed view of the patio. As a result, visitors or residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to lunch, coffee or a refreshing drink at any time of the day!


This policy of continuous service goes far beyond the Theater Hall, the Speakeasy Club and the Dinner House. The auditorium foyer and the wellness area have also been designed to offer a variety of options for professional and personal development.


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Alcove benches to isolate yourself and have lunch in small groups in a vibrant atmosphere like in an American restaurant.


- Silex2 -

These spaces are part of the Silex² Tower, located in the dynamic Part-Dieu district of Lyon. Silex² reinvents the office building by offering its occupants premium business and well-being services. Discover two other projects carried out by Colliers teams in this building: Wellio & Solvay.


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