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La Bastide, Parc Majoria, by Covivio

La Bastide by Covivio, parc Majoria

Can you hear the crickets singing? Can you smell the dried verbena, the sun that warms your skin and the wind that seems to come from the sea? Welcome to Provence, not far from the centre of Montpellier, on a 27-hectare former industrial site acquired by Covivio, which is becoming a privileged destination for large international groups and local start-ups. Here, on this new-generation campus, is a large, horizontal building of 6,500m2 that seems to stand the test of time: a stone Bastide - sublimated by a visual identity tinged with nostalgia and a solar decoration defined by us - which combines restaurants, wellness areas and high-end services.

lieu   livraison   surface
Location          Delivery                         Surface area
Campus Majoria, Montpellier    September 2021    6 300 m²


We are proud to have accompanied Covivio in the architectural rehabilitation of La Bastide, within the Pompignane campus. Strategically located in the heart of Montpellier's main tertiary sector, this family home-like destination offers employees catering, business centre and fitness & well-being services, guaranteeing great comfort for employees.


La Bastide by Covivio, parc Majoria



Definition of the architectural concept - Design of the common areas of the service building (halls, cafeteria, 3 restaurants, 1 snack bar, business-center, fitness and wellness areas) - Design of the visual identity and signage of the Bastide (naming, signage and programming) - Assistance in the choice of furniture - Find all our services > 


A building for authentic and humble moments

Its Mediterranean architecture immediately invites you to slow down and let yourself be carried away by the warm atmosphere of the place. Renovated by the Brénac & Gonzalez Associés et Associés agency with the aim of preserving the exterior building and Marc Held's historic architectural gesture, the Bastide is built around three patios that diffuse light and reinforce the feeling of intimacy of a humbly authentic place.

To highlight this enveloping and luminous haven, we have pushed the metaphor of the large Camargue family home open to the four winds and conducive to meetings. A pretext to live a new experience through multiple, connected and convivial living spaces.

Located in a particularly green site, the Bastide offers visitors, coworkers, entrepreneurs and employees a real place to live that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. The paths are designed to be fluid, like the sea air that comes from the sea, while natural materials are used in refined spaces, subtly energised by the play of solar contrasts and soft textures.

« We worked on the identity of the place, specifically by naming it La Bastide, and by creating a logo inspired by the geometric shape of the building. » 


La Bastide by Covivio, parc Majoria 


A radiant art of living 

There is nothing ostentatious here. The simplicity of the lines and the raw aspect of the materials give an impression of timelessness, with a touch of modernity. Earth, brick, lime, solid wood, waxed concrete... So many elements that harmonise wonderfully to reveal the fifth face of this timeless building: the brilliant blue sky that overhangs the patios and the vast green spaces.

The design and styling project also includes the creation of a strong graphic identity for the main destinations, inspired by the hotel imagery of the Roaring Twenties, the Mediterranean spirit and the creative rigour of Bauhaus. « The old typography on the facades of the breweries and bistros of yesteryear served as a starting point for imagining the identity and naming of the various spaces » explains Roland Tisserand, the Graphic Designer in charge of the project.

Thus, we discover Le Carreto and its geometric typography in the Art-deco style, an ideal place to eat on the go while staying connected. A little further on, La Calade invites you to take a well-deserved break and enjoy some colourful dishes. Finally comes La Picholine, a tribute to the most famous of olives for a restaurant that is not lacking in character!


 La Bastide by Covivio, parc Majoria


Destinations that invite a change of scenery

Dining areas, auditorium, fitness and wellness centres, modular meeting rooms with evocative names (Tomette, Gabion, Corten)... Not forgetting the inspiring terrace called Gloriette

You can easily find your way around this privileged environment thanks to sober signage, cut from simple and noble materials, which blends in perfectly with the architecture: « In order to highlight the building's restoration work and to easily hang the signage on the walls, we chose a cut-out, geometric and condensed typography which allows all the letters to be attached to a single thread » explains the Graphic Designer. As a result, the directions lightly guide people as they stroll between two business meetings and a moment of relaxation in the shade of the olive trees.

« Our mission was to think about the routes, postures and uses in order to link with the identity of the place around a common concept, while proposing a coherent decor, accessories and furniture. » 


La Bastide by Covivio, parc Majoria


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