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Cabinet Michelez, restructuring & ingenuity

Cabinet Michelez, new offices and meeting rooms

Michelez Notaires is a large Parisian notary's office ideally located in the Paris 8th arrondissement, just a few minutes from the Arc de Triomphe. A Haussmann-style building with high ceilings... Although the premises provide a certain degree of confidentiality and privacy, they needed to be refreshed to bring them into line with the times. The aim was to bring in light,  a breath of modernity and create a warm and welcoming environment. A particularly demanding mission that required meticulousness and ingenuity.

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Paris 17th    September 2021    380 m²   102


Taking advantage of an opportunity to acquire a concomitant flat, Michelez Notaires called on Colliers to design a new client reception area and refresh the staff offices. The objectives of this request? To improve the quality of life at work, enhance team spirit, modernise work tools and rethink the acoustics of the premises. These are strong points that reflect a desire to retain talent and to design a real place to live, both for employees and for customers.


Definition of the architectural concept - Conception, design and signage - Assistance in the choice of furniture - Creation of the PMR accessibility as well as a person lift - Realization of the works as a general contractor - Organization of transfers - Find all our services > 




A reorganisation of flows

Gone were the cramped and dark rooms. Starting from a blank canvas, with only the load-bearing walls left untouched, a new environment had to be designed to suit each of the firm's teams. This great disparity in needs required an organisational response that was unprecedented for Michelez Notaires!

« Initially, the meeting rooms were at the heart of the offices. In order to restore coherence and fluidity of movement, we began by separating the staff area from the client area, before enlarging the reception area and creating meeting rooms of different sizes. A fully glazed lift was also installed to ensure that the client was accessible to people with reduced mobility » explains Valériane Subreville, the architect who supervised the project.




This spatial reorganisation - in addition to offering greater comfort to clients - has made it possible to almost triple the capacity of the meeting rooms! The reception area now has 9 rooms, with a total of 102 seats compared to 33 previously.


A sharp sense of detail

Electricity, air conditioning, heating, access control... The complete renovation of the offices aimed to ensure comfort throughout the seasons and a certain amount of tranquillity. Today, the brand new lift opens onto a new reception area and a waiting room decorated in light, soft and natural shades. Light, a key issue in the project, shines through the large renovated windows, the lift and the glass partitions to radiate throughout the meeting rooms and circulation areas.



Photos by Shoootin


This elegant environment exudes a hushed, particularly friendly and harmonious atmosphere, which owes much to the acoustic treatment. Micro-perforated wood cladding, absorbent false ceilings, an acoustic underlay integrated into the floor covering and sound traps in the technical rooms... All of this limits the transmission of noise discreetly, without altering the architectural and decorative intentions! Thus, the sobriety of the lines and the contemporary furniture are enhanced by the choice of light oak, translucent glazing personalised with the firm's logo, planted pictures and a slightly woven floor covering.


Combining high-performance tools and top-of-the-range service

Combining state-of-the-art technology and hotel services, the meeting rooms have been carefully thought out to become real places of conviviality. In addition to audiovisual tools, connections and equipment for remote signing and conferencing, there is also everything you need to entertain in the best possible way. Fridge, eco-responsible coffee machine, meal trays, personal services, office... A particularly extensive room service that invites clients to feel that they are in a privileged environment, conducive to relationships based on trust and benevolence, one of Michelez Notaires' core values.


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