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April - Plaza, collaborative experimentation

hero avril plaza

Leader in the oils and proteins sector, Avril - the 4th largest French agro-industrial group - wishes to develop new collaborative practices and promote the well-being of its teams. Work on the head office in the heart of the French capital has given rise to an ambitious project to transform the company's practices and to bring together all the teams for two years in the Plaza building in the La Défense district. A temporary transfer that we supported in order to experiment with new ways of working, moving and meeting!

lieu   livraison   surface   postes de travail
Location            Delivery                  Surface area                 Workstations
Tour Plaza, La Défense    2021    4 144 m²   496


Although Avril's head office is ideally located just a few metres from the Parc Monceau, it needed a major refurbishment to adapt to new ways of working together. The Plaza building, located behind the Parvis de la Défense and home to the IT department, was chosen to temporarily bring together teams previously accustomed to individual and closed spaces. The ground, first and second floors therefore had to be reorganised with one objective in mind: to instil the next transformations offered by the head office by imagining an agile workspace, improving the quality of life and reconciling flexible, mobile solutions and places of confidentiality!


Avril Plaza - espace accueil des visiteurs à côté de casiers et d'un espace café



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Moving people around to move ideas around

The Plaza site is based on a strong overall concept from the field to the plate, which reflects Avril's desire to create welcoming places, imbued with a lively, contemporary urbanity that respects the environment. Thus, the concept of the urban garden can be found on every floor, from the ground floor with its "flat", a showcase for Avril's know-how and a place to welcome visitors, to the "neighbourhood centres" designed as urban breathing spaces, via the "village squares" intended to create a spirit of sharing in the centre of the floors. The aim of this transverse spatial organisation? To offer a unique setting for better gathering, exchange and work. 

On the ground floor, we discover a warm, intimate and connected environment. Entirely open, the heart of the plateau is made up of a lounge, a dining room and a kitchen. Comfortable sofas, cosy benches, high chairs, a large table, a bookcase... The furniture is enhanced by deep, bright, plant-inspired colours that warm up the walls and floors. This convivial place, ideal for punctuating the day with moments of relaxation, is bordered by meeting rooms of varying dimensions which are outlined behind glass walls. The transparency accentuates the open-plan effect, and a feeling of lightness spreads throughout the floors.


Avril Plaza - open space en environnement de travail dynamique avec espace bulle, réunion ou concentration au centre


« Audacity, respect and performance were the three key words to illustrate. They guided us in the concept of the rural field and the urban plate, which is a real common thread in the development of spaces. »

Instilling new group synergies

The 2nd floor is structured around 4 areas defined according to business needs and an eye-catching agora. Pale yellow, olive green and tangerine orange cobblestones line the floor of a "village square", while the walls of the bistro area, the kitchen and the terrace are decorated with large flat areas of colour and plant motifs. The nerve centre of this floor, this "heart of the district" offers a multitude of typologies: XXL benches, large high tables and small round or square tables... A wide variety of postures that can also be found in the office areas, the concentration bubbles and the meeting rooms.


Avril Plaza - espace détente café


The "team hearts" are a real breathing space for employees who wish to meet in a particularly warm environment. Each of these islands is available in a unique typology to adapt to the needs of the teams and to vary the exchanges. In short, a way of reinventing collaboration! The layout of the 4th floor, which is very similar to the floor below, has also been designed to offer great freedom of movement. There are still 4 areas, an agora and meeting spaces…

But there is also an open space dedicated to the management teams, organised on the same principle as the quarters, but with more small bubbles to guarantee confidentiality.


Thus, all employees now benefit from a workspace designed to promote individual well-being and collective fulfilment. A project where the transitory becomes a vector of transformation, favouring the passage from a vertical flexibility within the Plazza building to a horizontal flexibility that can be exported to the Avril head office.


« The meeting rooms are always located near the core, a sort of neighbourhood heart symbolised by coloured paving stones and a green carpet evoking the grass that spills over to the periphery to be visible from the entrance to the plateau. »


Avril Plaza - open space, plateau de bureaux


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