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AVEM, an unusual walk


AVEM, the French leader in electronic payment services for banks and retailers, is revolutionising the working environment. Why is this? Because its new site, dedicated to customer relations and logistics, reveals a resolutely avant-garde organisation serving a new management style. The Ker Lann campus, to the south-west of Rennes, is the place to discover this unusual environment, with comfortable, functional and modular spaces that can be adapted to suit your needs and the time of day.

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Campus Brüz, Rennes   2020    3 900 m²   330



Strategic framing - Analysis of needs and professions with employees - Definition of the work environment concept - Advice on adapting the building design in order to respond to hybrid uses - Carrying out the work in user management - Monitoring consistency in support of the project management throughout its duration - Find out more about our services > 


How can you organise a completely open work area where employees can work in peace and regularly exchange information via calls or video conferences? How can you create real team cohesion and encourage meetings? And how do you make people want to (re)come to the office? It was on the basis of these ideas that we guided AVEM in the deployment of a hybrid work mode. This support was provided at a very early stage and even had an impact on the design of the building! Han Paemen, Director Workplace & Change Consulting, tells us more.



How can the shape of a building impact the working environment?

Hybrid modes of working, which encourage synergies and change the relationship to hierarchy, require a large central space, a village square, which maximises chance encounters and opportunities for spontaneous collaboration. It was not possible to create such a space in the original project. Together with AVEM, our thinking had an impact on the shape of the building and the construction plans.

« In contrast to the flex desk, we designed an environment for each activity according to the needs of each business. It is a global ergonomics that goes far beyond office design. » 


How were the needs of employees taken into account?

This project was built on interaction with employees, from the initial discussions to understand their jobs and expectations, right through to the implementation phase. For example, we realised that many employees were making phone calls while walking. At the previous site, it was difficult for employees to sit and stand. Here, we developed the concept of a channelled walkway, punctuated by concentration bubbles, solo work spaces, open spaces and display areas to meet the specific needs of « working while walking ». 



How can employees with different activities coexist, while promoting concentration and creativity?

Acoustics is probably the most important issue in open-plan workplaces at the moment! At AVEM, there are a lot of people on the phone, especially in the customer relations centre. We have managed to find original and intelligent solutions to reduce unpleasant noise, firstly by keeping enough space between the workstations, and secondly by installing furniture for the solo workstations that is so acoustic that it also contributes to the building's acoustics.

« The orange colour of AVEM's logo was integrated into the design through a warm shade closer to terracotta. »




How is the central community space structured?

On the ground floor, this village centre is a place to share a moment of conviviality, to have lunch, to work or to go to the techno bar. It also serves as a link between the tertiary spaces and the industrial logistics spaces, but also to organise events via an ingenious system of modular partitions. On the first floor, this forum is extended with a space for nibbling, eating on the go, relaxing or chatting over a coffee.


- Focus -

A qualitative, clever and sober development

In the heart of a green site, AVEM's new site has been designed as a place that conveys identity and a sense of belonging, serving to enhance conviviality and quality of life at work. « The workstations are arranged according to the following principle: a carpet on the floor that emphasises the flow of traffic, workstations facing outwards, acoustic benching, partitions, attachment points for the teams with customisable elements and bubbles at the entrance and exit of the workstation. In order to translate the notions of pathways, circulation and conviviality, the themes of inside/outside and plants/light, as well as natural tones, points of vegetation, graphic forms and warm colours were used throughout the site » explains Audrey Astier, the Interior Architect in charge of the project.



Photos by Svend.


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