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Meet our expert Régis Martin

regis martin

How did you join Colliers?

I started my career in user consulting, then transaction for 6 years in the tertiary/industrial real estate sector in Morocco. I joined Colliers two years ago, after the first containment in 2020. I knew Colliers by reputation, primarily for its approach to user advice. My current position as Director of Corporate Solutions combines all the experiences of my international career.

What is your job and how do you support our clients?

Our role within the Corporate Solutions department is to assist major accounts, mainly French, in defining their real estate strategy and in the harmonious deployment of these policies on an international scale:

  • help companies to better manage their international real estate
  • harmonise decisions taken abroad with group ambitions and directives
  • deploy group real estate policies locally
  • identify cost reduction opportunities across their portfolios
  • support companies in their international transformation

Since the onset of the health crisis, we have observed that French companies are developing a more global approach to their real estate, wishing to better harmonise the development of new ways of working and designing spaces. Colliers' Corporate Solutions team is here to help them define new workplace strategies, implement them operationally and transactionally, and manage local real estate projects. We are able to meet all these needs by providing fast, efficient and quality solutions through the Colliers network.

What is the project that has marked you the most?

There are several, in particular the mission we carried out for a French multinational in the food sector. This large group asked us to carry out a major restructuring of its organisation and activities, with a significant human impact and high expectations in terms of property optimisation. We were able to carry out an analysis of its main sites abroad and identify cost reduction scenarios. Thanks to the expertise of our local teams, and the support provided by our French teams, we were able to identify numerous possible savings on a number of sites. Several projects are currently being implemented in Europe and South America with the aim of optimising space, consolidating sites, implementing new working standards, and improving the quality of space and comfort for occupants. Thanks to close collaboration with the client, we are able to meet both the expectations of the occupants and the constraints of the local entities, while respecting the standards dictated by the group in terms of teleworking, flex office and collaboration.

Another emblematic project was the relocation of the headquarters of a French multinational utility company to Hamburg. We assisted them with Workplace missions (definition of their needs according to the new ways of working), User Consultancy (site search and negotiation with the owner) and now Project Management with the launch of the fitting-out works. The project is a real success, both for the French real estate department, which is seeing the concrete implementation of its recommendations, and for the local teams, which will now be able to equip themselves with a work tool that matches their ambitions and is better adapted to new ways of working. Following a mission in France, the client wanted to be supported for all its international projects with the creation of a dedicated team within Colliers, specialising in Account Management.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

First of all, the quality of the relationships with our clients. The nature of our business means that we have few clients. We therefore have regular exchanges with them, thus creating a very strong relationship of trust over the long term. This is very rewarding both personally and professionally. This is the case with our clients but also with our colleagues in our 66 offices abroad, with whom we are in contact every day. We feel the size and quality of the Colliers network every day. In a single day, we can interact with colleagues from ten different countries. 


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