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Meet our expert Jérôme Capelle

jerome capelle

How long have you been with Colliers?

I have been working at Colliers for 7 years. I joined the company for my end-of-studies internship in 2015 through the application platform provided by my engineering school, ESTP. Following my 6-month internship, I was hired in the project management department on a fixed-term contract, then on a permanent contract. Colliers quickly trusted me and supported me a lot in my professional development. This is why I quickly progressed over the years in terms of responsibility and autonomy on my various projects. My status has therefore evolved since I started, since I began as a Junior Project Manager, then Senior, until I became Project Director in August 2020.

Can you describe your job?

The vast majority of my assignments span several years and start very early on in a property project. I assist our clients in various ways:

  • From the setting up of the project, to the consultation of the parties involved, and then in the monitoring of the studies and works on behalf of a client who is the project owner in the case of project management assistance and delegated project management.
  • For the much more common Tenant/Investor consultancy assignments, we assist our clients in the programming of their future building, then in the negotiation of the lease in future state of completion (BEFA) / sale in future state of completion (VEFA) contract with the Lessor, followed finally by the BEFA / VEFA contract until the delivery of the building (including the lifting of reservations).

Our role is to provide our clients with peace of mind in their choice of building by checking that it corresponds to the programme and the technical needs of the Tenant. It is also important to ensure that a building is as flexible as possible, so that it can adapt to the future needs of the occupants and be sustainable over time. For example, ensuring that 20% of the floor area of a building can be used for meeting rooms.

What is the project that has made the biggest impact on you?

ENGIE Campus! This is an ongoing project that began in 2018 where we are accompanying our client on a Tenant Consultancy mission. It's a large-scale project that will be the showcase for ENGIE's head office in terms of uses (NWoW work methods) and services, as the campus will offer its users a crèche, a gym, a Campus Heart, shops, a reception area for events open to the public, etc., but also in terms of energy sobriety with a low-carbon construction. Participating in such a project, with an ecosystem of experts set up on all subjects to carry out the initial programming, is very rewarding. Our role and our mission have evolved a lot since the beginning of the project to get closer to our usual role on Tenant consultancy missions, i.e. to act as a link between the Tenant and the Developer.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

For me, it's the diversity of the projects, the assignments carried out and the clients met. Each project is unique, as is each client, which makes my job all the more rewarding and exciting. I learn new things every day. Moreover, since the projects we carry out within the AMO department often take place over a very long period of time, I find it very satisfying to bring each of my projects to a successful conclusion after several years, always bearing in mind customer satisfaction.


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Jerome Capelle



Since 2015, Jérôme helps our clients as a MAP Project Manager for Colliers France in the Building Consultancy Department. He offers advice and expertise to tenants and landlords for every step in a real estate project (programming, property development, leasing off-plan and selling off-plan).


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