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Meet our expert Céline Codet

celine codet

Tell us about your career path before joining Colliers?

My career path is not an academic one, it has been punctuated by inspiring encounters and opportunities that I have seized.

After studying law, I joined a major banking group, BNP Paribas. My interpersonal skills and my ability to listen very quickly led me to take on sales and communication roles. I was thus able to set up and implement internal and external communication plans, and to manage the press relations of a subsidiary of the group. My missions also directed me towards transformation and support. In charge of part of the communication for the merger of two entities, I was able to understand the organisational and human issues linked to this type of transformation. I also supported the implementation of commercial synergies between different subsidiaries during my last position.

After 15 years within this group, I wanted to undertake a career in the field of transformation and support. For 7 years, I had the pleasure of working with companies such as Chanel, Randstad, EDF, Bouygues Telecom, etc. on organisational, managerial or cultural transformation issues.

Four years ago, I plunged into the accompaniment of transformations linked to the work environment when I joined Artdesk, a company specialising in the design of office spaces. I was immediately fascinated by the problems I encountered and they challenged my vision of work and all its components.

I have been with Colliers for almost a year as a Change Management Director. The team and I are at the heart of current events and accompany our clients in setting up the working environments of tomorrow.

How do you support our clients?

Each client has specificities linked to their culture, the history of their company, their values, their objectives and their current situation, which means that the projects we carry out are never the same. It is therefore essential that the first step is to listen to the client, to gather all the information that will enable us to get to know them better and to define how the project will fit into their overall strategy and history.

Following interviews with senior management and sometimes questionnaires addressed to all stakeholders, we reveal the meaning and vision of the project, as well as its impacts. This allows us to establish a tailor-made support plan that takes into account the particularities of the business sector, the general strategy of the company and the specificities of each business.

At Colliers, support is based on the levers of change management (communication, training, support) crossed with the components of the work environment (Behaviour, Bricks, Bytes).

Communication allows us to give meaning to the project, coaching allows us to involve the stakeholders and make them actors of the change, and training allows us to learn new behaviours and tools.

Change is not linear; it adapts to the different actors and times of the project. In order to measure the impact and make the necessary adaptations, we set up tools for monitoring and evaluating the actions.

In addition to my role as facilitator, I bring to the client my active listening skills and my experience of transformation projects, which I constantly challenge by opening up to new issues (smart building, environment, managerial issues, etc.). Find out how Colliers supports companies in their real estate projects >

What is the project that has marked you the most?

For me in particular, it is not a project but the preconceived ideas we have about companies and their maturity in the face of change. In all sectors of activity, both public and private, there are men and women who want to move the lines and who are continually seeking the best balance between the imperatives of company performance and adaptation to societal and environmental developments. At any level of the hierarchy, new ideas can emerge and feed the collective thinking.

We are currently in a period of transition, the work environment is changing and must adapt to new ways of working. This is a great challenge to take up! 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most exciting thing is to be at the heart of current events. We are witnessing a complete paradigm shift in the world of work. This is an important moment, a turning point in our history. We don't yet know what tomorrow's ways of working will be. There is a profusion of ideas, innovations, exchanges and sharing. That's what this job is all about: confronting different points of view and humbly participating through our real estate projects in the change and birth of tomorrow's working environments.

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