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Colliers Book #5


Each real estate project is unique and requires a response that is both attentive and striking. This is why we strive to use creativity, useful common sense and sustainable use; while exploiting particularities, organising routes, mixing uses and transforming constraints into opportunities to embody your identity. We do not have a ready-made trademark. We act as a creative collective listening to your company to define your story and identity in order to create your future workspace. In a word, we make your place a memorable environment.

We tell your story and we design workplaces that are designed as places to live in. Our trademark: tailor-made.

We are convinced that a win-win project must be conceived from a coherent, cross-cutting and powerfully narrative overall concept, while modelling the qualities and countless details that humanise and enrich work spaces. Thinking about the shape of your future workplace or living space means putting the times of daily life at the centre of your thinking: times of human relations, times of production and times of innovation. Our aim is to integrate the social dimension of the space to humanise relationships and create the working environment of tomorrow.  

We are proud of the real estate projects we have completed in 2020 and we have chosen a few of them to present to you in the latest issue of our Book Colliers collection. Discover the new work environments of EurogroupIssy-les-Moulineaux Municipal Administrative Centre, leboncoin, AXA, OCDE, Ricoh and our own office in Lyon by downloading our Book Colliers #5 below.  

couverture book 5