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Han Paemen | Colliers | Paris

Han Paemen


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Professional Summary

Han is a senior workplace consultant specializing in work environment projects that support company transformations, and in the holistic management of innovative work environments.

 Han has  international experience of twenty years in corporate projects,


AXA, AON, Dassault Systèmes, Engie, Natixis, SwissLife 


DPLG Architect Diploma


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Featured Research

4 Jan 2019

FLEX OFFICE, from fantasy to reality

Colliers International France is conducting a survey on employee perception of flexible environments, at a time when flexibility is at the heart of all business issues and much ink is being spilled; what are the benefits of these working environments, what weaknesses can be observed and what are the employees' feedback?
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29 Mar 2018

NWoW, when work environments mean business transformations

The work environment is becoming a social and human subject. Discover the NWoW !
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Featured News

20 Sep 2021

Top 5 hybrid work spaces

In practice, the Hybrid Ways of Working requires adjustments to the technology, the building, and above all the acquisition of a new "hybrid culture", with new collaboration and management skills and techniques.
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8 Jun 2020

Hybridization of work and New Age : HWoW (Hybrid Ways of Working)

Co-constructing the new working environment to support a new way of working will be one of the building sites for all companies in the coming months. This new way of working will be a hybrid way of working, the HWoW or Hybrid Ways of Working.
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