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Caroline Benech | Colliers | Paris

Caroline Benech


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Professional Summary

Caroline, previously Chief Transformation Officer of Colliers, has joined the Board as Director of Human Resources and Transformation, also in charge of CSR and Work Environment activities in early 2021. Her three missions are to accelerate the transformation of the company's culture, management and hybrid ways of working in order to achieve the ambitions of the new strategic plan to 2025, in a more transverse and agile organisation.

With more than 30 years of experience in change management and communication, Caroline has spent a large part of her professional career in the Ministry of the Armed Forces as Head of Communication. She joined the real estate market in 2007 as Director of the Change Management Department at Colliers France. In 2019, she was promoted to Chief Transformation Officer, with the mission of leading the managerial community, developing the corporate culture and fostering employee commitment.

She is  graduated from Celsa  (Sorbonne/Communication),  English (Sorbonne),  journalism (CFJ) and executive coach (IFG).


Communications and Change Management : Apple (500 people), Atos (4 500 people), KPMG Luxembourg (1 200 people), Schneider Electric (1 300 people), Merck Switzerland (700 people), La Poste (4 000 people), BNP PF (3000 people), Grant Thornton (500 people), Citibank (150 people), Safran (1000 people), Microsoft (700  people)

 Social transformation and Change Management : Michelin (800 people)

Change Management and Coaching : Sanofi (1 500 people) PSA (4000 people) Orange (3000 people), CIIAM (Manager's coaching)


I am happy to contribute to the support of a responsible transformation through at least 3 of the key activities that contribute to it: HR, CSR and the work environment...



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4 Jan 2019

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Colliers International France is conducting a survey on employee perception of flexible environments, at a time when flexibility is at the heart of all business issues and much ink is being spilled; what are the benefits of these working environments, what weaknesses can be observed and what are the employees' feedback?
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