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Social Responsability

The real estate sector is a rapidly changing sector and has a crucial role to play in sustainable development. It is one of the sectors with the greatest environmental impacts and therefore represents a real source of energy, water and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings. It is, in fact, the largest consumer of energy in France before transport and the second largest contributor to GHG emissions. In addition to these environmental issues, there are also social issues. Tertiary real estate must adapt to new, more collaborative working methods and well-being of its occupants.


Colliers France, due to the very nature of its various areas of expertise, plays an essential role in serving its customers and their sustainable development policy. Our experts are able to advise them on their real estate strategy and design working environments that enable their employees to carry out their professional activities under ideal conditions and at an optimal cost.


As a responsible company, we continue our efforts in terms of environmental and social responsibility. That is why we evaluate our CSR performance every year with the EcoVadis organisation. We were awarded a gold medal this year, placing us in the companies top 5% in the real estate sector with the best CSR performance. 

ecovadis sustainability rating gold

Our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our employees

Our company is committed to a CSR approach with the strong conviction that the fundamental values it conveys constitute an important and healthy foundation for the fundamental values it conveys constitute an important and healthy foundation for the development of each of us and our company itself. Every day, employees contribute to the various actions that are carried out as part of this approach.
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A company committed to the environment

The environmental challenges concern respect for all the natural and artificial elements in which and with which the company carries out its activity. For Colliers International France, it is important to be able to control the environmental impacts of our activities, travel and worksites, that is reducing our consumption, optimising waste management and controlling site pollution for users and residents. Beyond the tertiary activity of its own premises, Colliers International France has chosen to place environmental performance at the heart of each of its business lines, and particularly considers the environmental impacts of its development projects over their entire life cycle.

  • Reduce our energy consumption,
  • Reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions for the vehicle fleet and papers,
  • Reduce waste production, optimize waste management and improve the quality of selective sorting,
  • Prevent and limit nuisances in the vicinity of our construction sites,
  • Identify, take into account and reduce the impact on the environment in the design and implementation of our development projects by promoting environmental quality criteria: waste, comfort and health of future users, choice of materials with low environmental and health impact (formaldehyde emissions, volatile organic compounds, etc.) with an ecolabel reflecting the manufacturers’ ; commitment to sustainable development.


We encourage our subcontractors to adopt a Sustainable Development approach by signing and respecting our Responsible Building Charter, which commits them to:

  • Comply with the instructions to limit noise and visual nuisances for residents or users in occupied sites, with the implementation of drilling schedules during which noise is authorized, and the communication of an e-mail address to collect any complaints,
  • Sort, recycle and ensure the traceability of their site waste with the implementation of the obligation for subcontractors to complete the Waste Management Form; allowing us to know the fate of their waste (hazardous and non-hazardous),
  • Ensure the safety of their personnel on site, such as the wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment), fire permits, electrical authorizations, signage, reminder of environmental, cleanliness and safety instructions on site, etc.

An employer hires

Colliers International France's Human Resources Policy aims to manage and improve all aspects of employee life in the company while supporting its growth and development. This is why the company has adopted various policies and tools to promote the recruitment and reception of young people, disabled workers, the employment of seniors, the diversity and integration of employees, training and development of skills, careers, health, safety and quality of life at work... This Human Resources Policy is applied in accordance with the Group's 5 values: be enterprising, collaborate, invest in relationship, be expert and do what's right. For more information on the different Human Resources policies, click here.

In order to prevent possible psycho-social risks (RPS) and protect the health of its employees, Colliers International France agrees, each year, to invest in improving their working conditions and to finance safety training in particular. The company has adopted a prevention plan for the health of its employees, which lists concrete and operational actions that it is committed to implementing in order to prevent, reduce and repair the factors and effects of stress, and more generally RPS. It is also part of a quality of life at work approach that includes social climate audits to measure and improve employees'; well-being at work.

Our objectives: 

  • Contribute to better health for the company's employees: improve stress prevention and psychosocial risks, as well as the implementation of a vaccination campaign for influenza (free of charge for employees),
  • Ensure the safety of employees,
  • Promote well-being and quality of life at work: massages, yoga, sophrology, sports challenges, etc.
  • Contribute to the respect of the principles of equal rights and opportunities as well as citizenship for disabled workers; appointment of a disability adviser within the company and publication of job offers on Cap Emploi (organisation dedicated to the professional integration of disabled people),
  • Promote diversity in terms of professions, technical skills, professional programmes and culture,
  • Support managers in the development and harmonisation of their managerial skills,
  • Support employees in the development of tools, techniques and regulations related to their businesses,
  • Promote the internal transmission of knowledge and/or business expertise through an integration path offered to each new recruit, access to an online Colliers University platform giving access to thousands of courses, business book summaries and reference documents.

A solidarity actor

At Colliers International France, we believe that everyone can act at their own level to help others and protect the environment. Thus, our employees can support several organizations by donating a little of their time, providing financial assistance or participating in various collections. We support several associations by directly involving our employees in events in support of causes that are dear to us and to which we wish to be fully committed:

  • The ELA association for the employment of disabled workers. The “Put on Your Sneakers" event for Ela, which we have been organising since 2015, allows us to raise awareness among our employees and give them a new perspective on this disease and disability in general.
  • The “Our neighbourhoods have talents” (Nos quartiers ont des Talents / NQT) association in favour of diversity and supports young graduates with 4 or more years of higher education after bachelor’s degree, aged under 30, from priority districts, rural revitalisation areas or disadvantaged social environments, in their job search. Colliers International France has been a member of the association since 2012. We offer our employees the opportunity to sponsor one or more godchildren each year in order to help them in their search, provide them with a professional network and prepare them as well as possible for job interviews. Every year, a meeting is planned between the sponsors and the members of the NQT association to review and feedback, and a presentation of our company and its various professions is made to the young people of NQT.
  • The association “Rejoué” for which we organized in 2018, on the occasion of the European Week of Sustainable Development, a large collection of solidarity toys in order to collect, repair and then sell at low cost toys that are no longer used.
  • Our partner “Le Miel de Greigueuil" which has set up and maintains a hive in our premises in Levallois (near Paris), which has given rise to several actions and activities for the preservation of bees, a honey harvest and a workshop around the hive for the children of our employees. An action for biodiversity that protects bees, a species that has an increasing mortality rate.