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Explore hybrid work with our Caméléon series

The work organisation is changing, so follow it!


Colliers Colliers is launching Caméléon, an original monthly series that explores all the facets of hybrid work through insights from our experts and presentations of projects carried out for our clients. You can find all the episodes of Caméléon below.


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8 Sep 2022

Caméléon #1 Team Days

How can cohesion be supported through adapted and adaptable spaces? Leaders, managers and employees are gradually discovering their own needs and those of their team in the face of the acceleration of remote working.
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6 Oct 2022

Caméléon #2 Management in hybrid mode

How to define in a few words the role of the manager coach? Favouring the collective and accompanying his team in a climate of trust, autonomy and accountability...
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9 Nov 2022

Caméléon #3 Unexpected meetings in the workplace

In the age of remote and hybrid work, unplanned meetings are still - if not more - important, both for the employees and for the company...
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2 Dec 2022

Caméléon #4 Remote working days

What are the managerial and organizational implications?
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