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Quality Policy

The quality policy describes the principles by which we succeed in meeting its customers' needs and expectations competitively.

Introduction: This requires professional skills, well-structured cooperation and clear responsibilities. The vision of us as an entrepreneurial pioneer is to increase value for property owners and users through high quality service.
Our operating system contains structured tools to meet customer requirements and to achieve business objectives. The achievement of objectives is promoted by continuously developing operations together with stakeholders, by measuring process results and by controlling the uncertainties associated with process performance. We utilise the quality management principles of the ISO 9001:2015 standard in guiding and developing its operations and meets the standard’s requirements.

The key business development objectives of are:
- reinforcing harmonised practices through leadership
- continuous development of customer relationship management
- developing information management
- systematic analysis of the operating environment
- systematic auditing of operational quality
- development of staff competence and well-being

The development objectives are brought annually to the Group's business plan, the implementation of which is monitored quarterly by the Group's management team.

By implementing the above objectives, we can deliver services in a customer-oriented, consistent and cost-effective way. Everyone can participate in and influence regular strategy updates, thereby committing to achieving the objectives.

Security Policy

The aim of our security work is to strengthen the security culture that enables the generation of services to our customers, development of our business and the achievement of our strategic goals in a safe and responsible way without interference. We develop our security culture together with our service providers.

To achieve this goal, we safeguard the information of our customers and service providers when processing their information and providing services to them. We secure their confidential information, assets and business as well as our business information and processes, our employees, offices, tools and other assets, our reputation and our operating environment from accidents, damage, harassment and crime.

Achieving this goal requires continuous development of personnel’s security and safety skills.

In accordance with our security policy, we operate in accordance with laws, decrees and security regulations. We also communicate internally as well as with our customers and service providers in a proactive manner in security issues. We train and instruct our personnel in order to develop our security culture. We also adhere to the 0-tolerance in safety deviations. We encourage people to announce security deviations as soon as possible. We focus on developing the most important security areas.

The priorities for our security work for the years 2019-20 are data security, occupational safety and security of physical areas. We are still developing environmental safety for our customers and in our company. We prepare a security policy for the implementation of the security plan annually. We create the security culture with basic guidance, training and supervision. We develop customer services of security management as part of real estate management.