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Property Development and Commercial Consultation

Property Development and Planning

We can advise on property development, analysis and concept creation processes. Our experienced team has a deep focus in planning and development. The foundation and core objective of our work is to deliver a feasible and functional result for a client.

We specialised in project planning, concept planning, design control and commercial research. To support our expertise we use the latest cost models and commercial statistical programmes. We have completed several high profile commercial projects, new developments, repair constructions and regional planning projects. We will manage the design process through the planning and implementation phases.

Our services include:
- Concept planning
- Functional analysis and planning of a property or an area
- Visualisation
- Zoning development
- Interior design
- Design Process Management (DPM)

Contact us for Real Estate Management services

Head of Commercial Consulting and Development
Anni Tenhunen, Mobile phone +358 40 725 6005