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Landlord Representation

Attract top tenant to your property

We are experts in letting flexible offices and workspaces

Our Landlord Rep team promotes the potential of each property through a deep understanding of the spaces, planning, marketing implementation and commercialisation strategies, which show the best side of each asset.

Colliers generates the best positioning of your property by attracting and securing the best tenants.


Analysis of the real estate strategy and advice on the positioning of the property. If the asset requires it, we work with the Technical Services team, specialised in optimising the CAPEX plan for the repositioning of the asset, as well as in the design and execution of the work.



Building Consultancy


We offer high added value services in sustainability for offices and portals, aimed at increasing liquidity and the value of properties, achieving compliance with ESG criteria.

Our Architecture and Sustainability specialists help owners and property owners accelerate the sustainable transformation of the office market.


Services in detail


Definition of the most suitable tenant based on the type of asset, marketing strategy and marketing actions of the property.

mkt comercializacion

Expert advise on income and conditions of the future contract to maximise the value of the asset in the shortest possible time.

Landlord finance

Management of face-to-face and virtual visits. We use technology to offer the best experience to the future tenant.

landlord follow up

We take our client throughout the leasing process until the closing of the operation. We achieve the best possible agreement for our client and their asset.

Landlord transaction

· Our deep market knowledge ·

The best tool to maximise the value of your projects


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Workplace Expert

The application that helps you quickly and intuitively configure your optimal workspace.Technology based on big data owned by Colliers and available on any mobile device.

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