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Portfolio Advisory

Lead spanish adviser in mortage debt

We have the best advisory team for debt portfolio transactions, custom-built IT systems and a unique methodology, which allows us to advise our clients in defining the best management strategy, the optimum price and the risks associated with each portfolio, in the shortest turnaround time possible.

The portfolios prepared for sale by our team stand out for the following:

• being a key factor in closing deals

• minimising due diligence time and cost for the investor

• direct access to relevant, detailed and accurate information

We turn complex NPL/PL debt into portfolios that can be transacted, identifying and extrapolating the value and upside potential of each financial position from an investor’s perspective. We create attractive products that can be marketed, identifying where value can be created and minimising risks.


The leading funds specialised in NPL/PLs entrust us with deciding the management strategy for the portfolios in the market, their valuations (of both the debt and the collateral) and carrying out an in-depth Due Diligence that meets the timelines of each process.

Our experience and knowledge allow us focus all our efforts on obtaining the highest value for our clients in each deals.


Featured transactions


Advisory services to Blackstone on the acquisition of Banco Popular’s NPLs and REO’s portfolio from Banco Santander, with an Outstanding Balance of €30 Bn.


Advisory services to Sareb on the sale to Deutsche Bank of a portfolio of NPLs with residential collateral and a nominal value of €375 M.


Advisory serices to Cerberus Capital Management on the acquisition of a BBVA NPL portfolio secured by residential assets with an outstanding balance of €560 million.

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