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Alternative Assets

Much more than a real estate asset

Invest, develop, lease or manage businesses with a high real estate component

The market for alternative real estate assets is increasingly broad, professionalised and offers interesting opportunities. Our in-depth knowledge of alternative markets and their products, as well as sources of capital, allows us to design and execute the best business strategies tailored to each investor: definition of the investment ticket, forward funding or forward purchase structures, selection of the most suitable developer based on their expertise, search for specialized operators or advice on the type of lease or management contract.

Through our international network, with a presence in 67 countries, we connect in an agile and efficient way with the capital sources with the best track-record in each product.


Alternative Assets: Hot Markets

Expert advisory on new housing models

The social transformation that we have been experiencing for the past two decades has promoted the development of housing models that respond to the needs of new generations, focused on an urban lifestyle. The new housing models have sophisticated towards an innovating use of spaces, technology and services associated with these new homes and have become an attractive business for investors and developers, who find a high potential market in the larger cities of our country.
  •  Student residences
  • Micro-living
  • Co-living
  • Serviced Apartments

Innovation in senior lifestyle

The aging of the Spanish population, which ranks as the third country in the world with the highest life expectancy, opens the door to a housing market for the senior population with high future demand and a broad challenge in professionalization. Alternative assets linked to the elderly have evolved in recent decades, incorporating technology, and associated medical services to create business models that differ from traditional nursing homes. International funds consider Spain a key market in which to invest.
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted Living
  • Socio-sanitary assets
  • Senior Co-living

Assets for true experts

The interest in the development and management of real estate assets linked to the healthcare sector reflects structural changes enlarged by the effects of the global pandemic. When looking for opportunities, it is essential to know the local market and the regulations that affect it from the hand of an expert advisor. Investors focus their interest on:
  • Hospitals
  • Research centers in Life Sciences
  • Primary care facilities

A safe investment

Parking spaces or storage rooms are low-risk and low complexity real estate assets whose profitability has remained stable in our market for many years. They represent a "quiet" investment with special appeal in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.
In the last decades, the real estate product linked to self-storage has undergone a rapid evolution associated with the new housing models and they currently constitute a good opportunity for large operators, private investors and family wealth.



An incipient market with great profitability

The exponential growth of E-commerce, teleworking, online education, and remote medical care have accelerated the digital transformation and growth of data centers. The technological boom encouraged by the pandemic has contributed to generating a powerful demand that will have to be covered in record time. With a profitability above 15% many real estate investors are betting on data centers in Spain, a still incipient market.


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We generate value from real estate

The infrastructures to produce renewable energies, those related to transport or newly implemented technologies have in common the need to have optimal locations, land or buildings, whether they are newly built or renovated. They represent a highly attractive market for investors, in which public-private collaboration formulas also open up new channels for developers, consultants and investors in a market such as Spain, characterized by the need to renew and maintain the large volume of existing public-owned infrastructure.
  • Renewable energy
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications

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Pioneers and leaders in Build to Rent

Build to Rent is an extraordinary opportunity for investment funds specialized in the residential market and to accelerate business plans of developers, ensuring the supply of quality rental housing that the market demands. At Colliers we are pioneers and leaders in structuring complex transactions in this product type, which represents innovation and trend in the Spanish market.


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Invest in the most desired lifestyle

Alternative leisure-related assets have experienced exponential growth in the last two decades and continue to be a highly attractive market for international investors, who see Spain as an important and secure source of business, thanks to the enormous appeal and strength of our tourism sector, as well as the characteristics inherent to the Spanish lifestyle:
  • Marinas
  • Golf courses
  • Leisure parks
  • Fitness-centers
  • SPA & Wellness centers
  • Food & Beverage

Tailor-made opportunities for each investor

· Our services ·

We design and execute optimal investment or divestment strategies, maximising value and minimising risks in each market period:
  • Sale & Leaseback Operations
  • Purchase and sale of  alternative assets or portfolios
  • Debt and equity solutions
  • Financing for project development
  • Portfolio strategies

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We provide tailored financial advice and solutions in the form of debt and equity financing. We also offer advice on merger and acquisition processes, divestments, strategic alliances and JVs, selecting the best sources of capital for our clients anywhere in the world.
  • Financing & restructuring
  • Incorporation of shareholders and Joint Ventures
  • Corporate operations

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We provide valuation and consulting services, both for portfolios and unit assets, with application of the RICS regulations.
  • Valuations
  • Market studies
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Due Diligence

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We provide technical services for alternative assets incorporating the most innovative trends in each market and obtaining the maximum results from each project. We advise on Design and Build, Project Management, Technical and Environmental Due Diligence.

We are specialised in technical advice and management of Build to Rent projects.


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We are experts in the identification of assets for businesses development with a high real estate component, whether in the residential, health, leisure and tourism or infrastructure and energy sectors. We offer extensive advice in the review and negotiation of leatting and management contracts aimed at maximising the value of assets and optimising the structure and operations of our clients.


We create value with the best real estate strategy.


Decarbonisation & energy efficiency

We offer sustainability services for alternative assets aimed at increasing liquidity and value for investors who are increasingly demand compliance with ESG criteria in their properties.
Our Architecture and Sustainability specialists help owners, investors and operators to accelerate the sustainable transformation of alternative assets sector.

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Data Centers

With a profitability above 15% many real estate investors are betting on data centers in Spain, a still incipient market.

The development of new data centers will be a constant in the coming years.


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Featured transactions


Build to Rent transaction. Advisory services on the acquisition of a plot of land and the execution of a turnkey project of a rental residential building with 392 dwellings in Valdebebas, Madrid. Surface: 31,774 sq m. Volume: €142 M.

Confidential Client

Advisory services to an international fund on the sale of two coliving properties in Madrid city centre.

Grupo Saarema

Advisory services to the Saarema Group in the sale of the nursing home "Residencial Valmonte" located in Madrid to Ballesol. Surface area: 7,500 m². 118 beds.

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