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‘Hybrid hospitality’ is the future

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The COVID-19 pandemic has so far been in our midst for more than six months. Although the time of overflowing hospitals is thankfully behind us, we are not out of the woods yet. A second wave continues to lurk right around the corner. Societies have mostly returned to normal, although the six-feet rule continues to play a role in our everyday lives, we are slowly making a return to the office. In spite of all of the above, our way of working has permanently changed. We are working from home more frequently and more regularly.
This means the end of the office as we have come to know it, meaning from before the coronavirus outbreak struck.


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‘Hybrid hospitality’ is the future

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Miguel Vázquez

Managing Partner


Miguel is Managing Partner of Hotels Department at Colliers International Spain. He was a founding partner of irea and Director of the Hotel Division until March 2018, when irea joined Colliers International. He is held in high regard in the hotel sector thanks to his specialist knowledge and in-depth financial approach. He focuses on offering advice to investment funds, hotel chains and hotel owners.

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