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Another Brick in the wall, April 2019

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Another brick in the wall was a Pink Floyd metaphor for the walls we build to escape from reality.

Many residential sector reports focus on an analysis of the recent past without including a view of the expected development of the sector over the medium term.

We have tried to broaden perspectives by breaking down the walls that, in our case, often prevent us from predicting the future, incorporating the market vision and awareness of the Managing Director, Directors and Associate Directors of Colliers who most deal with the residential sector in an indirect survey of the development market which we hope provides a different angle.

We hope this won’t be just “another brick in the wall” and will help developers, financiers and investors to enrich their view of the future.

Another Brick in the wall, April 2019

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Mikel Echavarren

CEO Spain & Portugal


Mikel Echavarren is CEO of Colliers International Spain. He was President and CEO of irea since its foundation in 2002 until March 2018, when irea joined Colliers International. Prior to joining irea, Mikel was a partner in the Spain and Portugal real estate corporate finance division of Arthur Andersen. 

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate sector, he is an expert in strategic planning for real estate groups and in complex mortgage debt portfolio, real estate company and property transactions. He has managed financial restructurings involving over €8,000 million worth of debt belonging to real estate, construction and services companies. 


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