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IVF in the MENA Region

A Booming Market

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21, June 2021 – Colliers, the global commercial real estate leader released its latest white paper on the IVF Market in the Middle East with a focus on the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The paper is the 14th edition in the “Puls Series” of research papers on healthcare in the MENA Region, it provides an in-debth analysis as to why in the MENA region despite an overall high population growth rate, IVF remains so popular.

“The current global IVF market is estimated to be between 10 billion to 13.7 billion USD. Whilst there is no definitive accurate data available for the Middle East, the estimated IVF market size drawn from number of cycles is roughly USD 200 million for the UAE, USD 300 million for KSA and USD 500 million for Egypt.” Says Mansoor Ahmed, Director | Health Care, Education, Development Solutions & PPP at Colliers – MENA Region.

The paper deep dives into MENA’s IVF market highlighting cost of IVF treatments and explaining why markets such as Dubai, KSA and Egypt are considered “Hot Spots”. It also highlights key insights for investors in the region as well as provides an outlook for the IVF market.

“IVF is not only sought after locally, but is one of the leading treatments undertaken by medical tourists in the UAE, especially in Dubai. On the other hand, KSA is also a growing
market for IVF, with a plan to invest SR 250 billion in healthcare infrastructure and boost private sector participation from current 40% to 65% by 2030. ” Concludes Mansoor.