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Valuation and Advisory Services

Understand and optimise value

A well supported appraisal is often a necessary step in securing a loan, choosing the best asset for your portfolio and closing a sale.

Our Valuation and Advisory services are designed to deliver insight into a property's fundamentals, its competitors and the overall market dynamics affecting value, now and in the future. We believe that valuation can be a strategic asset for investors and owners, provided that reporting is clear, prompt and addresses the big picture. We go the extra mile to deliver for our clients, whether this means meeting a tight deadline or working with a complex and challenging property. 

What to Valuation and Advisory services include?

  • Valuations for lending purposes
  • Single asset and portfolio valuations
  • Appraisal review / management
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Financing and refinancing
  • Portfolio restructuring
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Litigation support
  • Insurance purposes
  • Highest and best use strategies
  • Trust requirements
  • Capital raising
  • Acquisition and disposal
  • Strategic planning & decision making
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale negotiation and transaction
  • Development appraisals
  • IFRS and balance sheet compliance

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