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Property Management

Optimise your Property Management

By partnering with Colliers, you will have the attention of best in class advisors who will manage the ever changing needs of your property to maximise value and tenant retention, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Properties Under Management

Kaabli 13

 Type:   Industrial logistics
 Address:  Kaabli 13, Tallinn, Estonia
 GBA (sqm):  82 000
 GLA (sqm):  own use
Kaabli 13

Pärnu mnt 139e/2

 Type:    Office building
 Address:   Pärnu mnt 139e/2, Tallinn, Estonia
 Year of construction:  2006.a.
 GBA (sqm):  5 819
 GLA (sqm):  5 356
Prnu mnt 139e2

Sõstramäe 10

 Type:    Warehouse
 Address:    Sõstramäe 10, Tallinn, Estonia
 Year of construction:  1999.a.
 GBA (sqm):  1 257
 GLA (sqm):  947



Tõnismägi 11A

 Type:   Residential and business building
 Address:  Tõnismägi 11A, Tallinn, Estonia
 Year of construction:  2019.a.
 GBA (sqm):  11 865
Tnismgi 11A

What to Property Management services include?

  • Lease negotiations and execution, tenant screening, rent collection
  • Maintenance and grounds supervision
  • Processing bills and payments, financial reporting and budgeting
  • Accounting of the Special Purpose Vehicle
  • Legal services
  • Insurance management
  • Representation of the owner’s interest in the local market
  • Marketing strategy
  • Making of maintenance agreements and negotiating maintenance plans
  • Coordinating daily maintenance

Real Estate Management Department Contact: