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Corporate Capital Solutions

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As part of Denmark’s leading advisor within investment and commercial properties, our Corporate Capital Solutions department helps in structuring larger and complex property and business transactions, both in connection with the purchase and sale of property portfolios, individual properties, complex, structured asset, or company sales as well as sale-leaseback.


Based on our broad network and regular contact with significant Danish and international investors, companies and banks, we can offer advice that is theoretically and analytically grounded and that takes the current market situation into account. We therefore continuously strive to be the market leader in our area. You can find all of our Occupier Services here.

  • Seller and buyer advice in connection with real estate companies, individual properties and property portfolios
  • Traditional brokerage services but also more complex, structured asset or company sales as well as sale-leaseback
  • Professional setup of sales material and documents

  • Strategic investor advice from the business plan stage to project management

  • Assistance in the preparation of prospectuses in connection with the establishment of real estate funds and the issuance of securities secured by real estate.

Our experts help you with all the formalities when looking at commercial properties. We help to understand the key figures when buying and selling properties and offer expert advise that gives you an overview of all aspects of investment and financing.

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