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How Colliers assisted Genmab in historical head-office relocation

Colliers currently experiences mounting demand from businesses that want future-proof office premises, like Genmab, allowing for future flexible use. A low rent or an ocean view is not necessarily the answer.

Is everybody required to return to their desk, or is it possible to optimise the utilisation of our office space? This is the question asked of Colliers’ Corporate Solutions at an increasing frequency as the end of the coronavirus pandemic is drawing nearer. 

For the workplace to be future-proof, however, a broader approach is called for rather than a focus on merely price and location. This is exactly the approach Genmab opted for, assisted by Colliers’ Corporate Solutions team throughout the process:

“At Genmab, we see strong growth these years, and as we have always endeavoured to create a good physical work environment, one of our key concerns was to find the ideal next Genmab head office. In the very early process stages, we reached out to Colliers who ensured that we embarked on the process by pinpointing concerns, now seen to have greatly impacted our choices. We encountered a highly professional team, which steered the project past the finishing line, guiding us on a range of issues from size, financials, law, design and future plans,” explains Jane Juel, Senior Director of Development Operations with Genmab.

A future-proof solution

This is how the building is envisaged on completion. Visualisation by architects D+W for developer NCC. 

“What we would really like to offer our employees is a flexible workplace, among other things, with the appropriate scale of technical solutions. There is no doubt that the final solution will reflect our collaboration with Colliers both in terms of flexibility, fitting up and future-proof solutions,” says Jane, adding that the collaboration does not end here.

“We continue the collaboration with Colliers in terms of project management and workplace advisory for another two or three years. From experience, I know that it’s a long stretch from contractual terms to actually achieving the right solution. I therefore very much look forward to our continued collaboration and the final result.”

Aim for head start
At Colliers, Lau Melchiorsen is the day-to-day manager of Corporate Solutions. He experiences that an increasing number of businesses demand flexible and activity-based workplaces.

“After the outbreak of the coronavirus, demand has surged, with quite a number of businesses contemplating if to integrate activity-based workplaces to better adjust to future homeworking practices. This is a sound approach, which in the longer run may spell substantial cost savings and increased efficiency. Accordingly, my best advice is to reach out to a consultant in the early planning stages.”

You can read more about Corporate Solutions here. Please also feel free to contact Lau Melchiorsen via the contact particulars provided on this page to learn more about how Corporate Solutions may assist you.