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Danish men’s fashion up-and-comer opens shop in the heart of Aarhus


Colliers recently facilitated the letting of one of the most central and attractive shop locations in Aarhus.

Colliers recently facilitated the letting of one of the most central and attractive shop locations in Aarhus. Shaping New Tomorrow, known for transforming the men’s fashion industry by infusing classic and stylish menswear with the functionality, comfort and quality of sportswear, is the new tenant at Store Torv 6, where the retailer opens its third and largest shop in Denmark.

Many Danes will know Shaping New Tomorrow as one of the true success stories from the television show Løvens Hule (the Danish equivalent of UK show Dragon’s Den). The company is now preparing the opening of its first shop in Aarhus. Laid out with a keen eye for detail in an exclusive design, the lease unit at Store Torv 6 provides a unique shop setting and ambience with its pillars, stuccoed ceilings and walls. 

Jesper Poder, Colliers, who was the appointed leasing agent, is delighted to have assisted Shaping New Tomorrow in finding the perfect setting for its shop:

“Shaping New Tomorrow had been searching the market for some time for a location for their new shop, but in vain. I am therefore really happy that we were able to help them find the perfect match”, he says, reporting also of generally brisk activity in the retail market:

“At the moment, there is much talk of shop closures and a market downturn, but we witness substantial activity and demand in the market. We do however experience that people have become more careful, but provided you have the right concept and the right premises, you will always have a basis for a successful business”.

In its new market report, Colliers in fact describes how shopping patterns have transformed. In the past, it was believed that consumers would first visit a physical shop to view and examine the item – and then buy it online. Today, the pattern has rather reversed, with consumers examining the item online and gladly buying in it a physical shop, always provided that the shop offers good services, thereby making the shopping experience more complete. In fact, the experience is a focal point when Shaping New Tomorrow opens in Aarhus.

The staff of Shaping New Tomorrow is thrilled with their new shop premises and look forward to opening the Aarhus shop, reports Jakob Slot, Head of Store Design & Expansion:

“We are so excited about opening our shop in Aarhus. We know that many of our customers are from Aarhus and we look forward to giving them an awesome experience in our shop. It will be a good old-fashioned shopping experience with focus on excellent services. We want to make the shop a cool place to visit, and we want our customers to leave feeling that they have had a really great experience,” he says, adding:

“It was crucial for us to find the ideal premises to serve as the setting for the kind of experience we aim for. The Store Torv premises are truly unique. You feel like you are inside a grandiose apartment, and we will be fitting up the shop with respect for the existing building design”. 

“We have been highly satisfied with the cooperation with Jesper from Colliers. Showing a sincere interest, he has managed to pinpoint our exact requirements. We have now found what we were looking for, having achieved the perfect setting for the concept we want to offer”.

Jakob Slot furthermore announces that Shaping New Tomorrow is not done with opening physical shops. In near future, they plan to open several shops in attractive locations across Europe:

“The Aarhus shop will be a terrific starting point for our European expansion. It is going to function as the model for additional shops so that we in this way may safeguard the same concept right down to the last detail in all our shops. We are therefore going to spend a lot of time and effort on making the layout of the Aarhus shop just right”, he says. 


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