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Tenants arrived by boat to new shared office facilities in historic buildings

“Pack up your office and come down to the street”. This was the message to the employees of the consultancy company ‘DAMVAD Analytics’, when they were moving to new premises. The employees knew the location, but they did not know they were going there by boat. The property is owned by Lennart Lajboschitz, who – as we know from his other projects – has an exciting vision for the place. A vision he is well under way of realising.

DAMVAD Analytics’ 35 employees are relocating to historic buildings in Christianshavn – Overgaden Oven Vandet. The buildings will frame a new creative and dynamic environment, comprising a mix of housing forms of the future, offices, serviced apartments and a restaurant. Lennart Lajboschitz bought the property (that consists of several buildings, including for instance ‘Bådsmandshuset’, ‘Kanalhuset’ and ‘Havehuset') in 2016 and has completed a thorough renovation. He has invested in properties before, among others the former church ’Absalon Kirke’ at Vesterbro. Today, the church has been converted into a community centre with a host of activities.

”I bought the property in Christianshavn because it looked interesting and I wanted to do something about it – I just did not know what”, tells Lennart Lajboschitz in an interview with Colliers that is responsible for the letting and also brokered the sale of Absalon Kirke.
At Colliers, the excitement of being entrusted with this letting is major.

“As a broker, it is always a huge privilege to work with a developer, who has such a clear-cut vision for his project, and who is so uncompromising when it comes to a thorough renovation of a listed building such as this. The landlord has managed to transform an aged and decayed property from 1754, which most recently housed the museum ‘Orlogsmuseet’, into a modern office property, without compromising on quality or the respect of traditional craftsmanship. It is very impressive and actually a gift to Copenhagen to revitalise a historic building like this and make it relevant, and above all functional for the Danish business community,” says Martin Østengaard, broker at Colliers Copenhagen.

Lennart Lajboschitz will move into one of the flats himself – this flat used to be occupied by Johanne Louise Heiberg, one of the great actresses and authors of the 1800s. Lajboschitz will, however, not only move here with his wife. The property will also be home to approximately 30 of his family members, including children, grandchildren, mothers-in-law and uncles.

“In our family, we have discussed how the housing forms of the future would look like, and we asked ourselves how we would like to live. We will run an onsite restaurant, and we plan for bed & breakfast and serviced apartments”, says Lennart Lajboschitz, who has already teamed up with architect Bente Lange, who specialises in historic buildings. This is a listed property with a very strong character, and the renovation has been carried out with a profound respect for this, taking the unique character into consideration and emphasising it. Everything has been maintained and renovated according to traditional craftsmanship, and the choice of material walks hand in hand with the quality of a bygone era.

Lennart Lajboschitz has a clear position as to which tenants he will allow in the property:

“I am very attentive regarding tenants, as I wish to have tenants who see the vision and buy into the community. They must join with an openness and a wish to communicate with each other in every way and to do things together. I do not have the final recipe for this. However, I do believe, there will be a colossal change in the way we think when it comes to office environments – the old ways and structures are changing. The young generations in the labour market will challenge the established, and they will not be pigeonholed, neither literally in classic office environments, nor figuratively”, finishes an excited Lennart Lajboschitz.

The first tenant – DAMVAD Analytics – buys 100% into this way of thinking:

“The location of our office premises is very important to our employees. We would very much like to join this community because we are attracted to the outgoing and the community with others. We believe that in this community, we can have fun and share experiences”, says Anders van Dhürbourgh-Jacobsen, CFO, DAMVAD Analytics and continues:

“We chose these exact premises because the idea behind it and the office décor have an encouraging effect on how we cooperate. We will not sit at the same workstation every day. Instead, we will be placed according to the project we work with. We also need quiet rooms where we can concentrate. We are very excited about the way these premises have been renovated. The landlord has done very well, and it is all characterised by high quality, which highly influenced our choice of this exact lease. We specifically looked for premises with a soul and a story. Actually, we did not look at modern or newly built premises at all”.

At DAMVAD Analytics, all employees ride their bicycles to work and therefore, a central location had priority in the search for new premises, just like vicinity to the city’s offers. A central location is also highly appreciated by the company’s customers. The employees were very excited when they were introduced to the new premises, and they have very high expectations to how it will be to work there.

The property comprises several leases in Kanalhuset as well as in Bådmandshuset. For further information and prospectus, please contact Colliers, Martin Østengaard on +45 20 40 02 55

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