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Colliers wants to challenge the market

Colliers in Denmark has just closed the best year in the company’s history. The figures speak for themselves; Colliers is the undisputed market leader with a market share of more than 30%. In 2018 Colliers was involved in investment transactions with a value of more than DKK 25bn, let out more than 250,000 sqm and valued properties with a total value of some DKK 275bn.

This however does not make CEO Peter Winther relax and rest on his laurels. Last month he launched a new strategy and at the same time he presented a new organisation for the 150 employees.

”Every year we collect and analyse data of more than 2,500 commercial and investment properties with a value of DKK 275bn. This gives us a unique insight. This underlying data volume gives us an exceptional insight which we can use in our market analyses, but we also need to understand how to use it actively when advising our clients. Only by delivering the most value-creating services we deserve our market position,” says CEO Peter Winther and explains:

”My first job is to future-proof Colliers. We have the market position, and we are ready to invest in the development of the company. With the strengthened organisation and new management structure, which we have laid out, we are ready to challenge the market. Following the merger we had a need to streamline and strengthen our common management to reap the synergies, accelerate the integration and strengthen our position”.

Strengthened management in Copenhagen and Aarhus
With the aim of strengthening the organisation and developing the market leader position, Colliers has made changes in management:
The Copenhagen office will be managed by partners Peter Winther and Peter Lassen. The Aarhus office will be managed by partners Carsten Gørtz Petersen and Jan Nickelsen. Peter Winther and Carsten Gørtz Petersen will be part of Colliers’ executive board. In Copenhagen partner Jan Kristensen resigns at his own request as of 1 March.

Partner Jeppe Schønfeld withdraws from the executive board after six successful years as top executive to focus on a continuous strengthening of Colliers’ activities in Copenhagen and nationally in relation to Capital Markets and Corporate Finance. Jeppe Schønfeld will however still be part of the Danish board of directors.

With a view to further strengthen the management, Colliers is also in the market for a new COO with the responsibility to optimise the company’s operations and procedures, including IT. In Copenhagen Colliers at present has two locations, but by mid-March the employees from Gammel Kongevej are moving to the location in Palægade, which prior to the merger was Sadolin & Albæk’s domicile. Almost 60 employees will be placed together in Palægade. Peter Winther stresses that it will be a short-term fix, as it is the vision to establish a new domicile in premises which are more up-to-date.

Large willingness to invest
Colliers is a part of the capital chain Colliers International Group Inc., which pursues a clear growth strategy, but which at the same time is willing to invest in activities, which may ensure competitive advantages of long duration, also even if it will affect the bottom line short-term.

”We are happy that our owners are backing us up 100% and give us the freedom to invest in the future. We are already working on that, e.g. we have more analysts than any of our competitors. This means that we are able to deliver the expert knowledge required by the clients. We are met with higher and higher requirements from our clients, and we carry out more complex assignments now than just one year ago” says Peter Winther.

”We want to offer competitive fees, but above all we want to compete in relation to knowledge, quality of our services and our ability to execute,” concludes Peter Winther.

Digitalization as a growth driver
As mentioned above Colliers is in the market to recruit a new COO, just as the company at present is searching for more analysts, associates and real estate agents. In addition, Colliers will be making extensive investments in IT and business intelligence in the next year.

”Digitalization is probably the trend which will have the largest effect on our future business. It may result in a more transparent market and may pose a threat towards parts of our business, e.g. in other countries valuation processes area becoming more digitalised, just as there are digital platforms which make the middleman dispensable on more simple assignments. However the digitalization also opens up for new business opportunities, and it will help us make good use of the large volumes of data and knowledge which we have in relation to the property market to deliver more value-based solutions for our clients,” says Peter Winther.

Colliers has advisors within all segments on the occupier and investment market, a specialized Capital Markets team and furthermore has a large marketing- and communications team and competent staff in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Last but not least, Colliers also has a large research department, which together with the Capital Markets team are behind the COPENHAGEN PROPERTY MARKET REPORT 2019, which came out earlier this month for the 25th time.

Organisation as of 1 March 2019

Management Group:

  • CEO and partner - Peter Winther (executive board)
  • Director and partner - Carsten Gørtz Petersen (executive board)
  • CMO - Lisbeth Kempel
  • CFO - Flemming Michelsen
  • HR Manager - Charlotte Bendix
  • COO – to be recruited



  • Peter Winther (Copenhagen)
  • Lau Melchiorsen (Copenhagen)
  • Jeppe Schønfeld (Copenhagen)
  • Peter Lassen (Copenhagen)
  • Carsten Gørtz Petersen (Aarhus)
  • Søren Lindbjerg (Aarhus)
  • Jan Nickelsen (Aarhus)
  • René Neesgaard (Vejle)
  • Claus Sondrup (Aalborg)
  • Martin Pedersen (Odense)



Peter Winther
CEO, Partner, MRICS
+45 28 19 66 76