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Workplace Consulting

Modern office concepts for your success

In our daily work with companies and real estate, we have noticed that what businesses are looking for in a property is becoming increasingly complex. Preferences can change quickly. Practical aspects such as cost factors, efficiency considerations and technical fitout are just as important as emotional factors such as an attractive location, comfort, convenience and state-of-the-art office concepts.

Every day our workplace consulting team works hard to identify and design perfect office spaces that meet all of these requirements. Whether you are looking for traditional, flexible or modern office space, our advisory services take all of your company’s needs into account. We are your experts when it comes to creating new working environments and sustainable office concepts that noticeably increase both the satisfaction and effectiveness of your employees.

The office of tomorrow

In company departments, in groups or on project teams, at the office, on the road or at home: the way we work is changing. Workplace consulting improves the satisfaction and efficiency of your employees by creating the perfect blend of custom solutions for all your workplace requirements, from smart working to traditional office layouts.

The way we work today is more focused on successful project implementation than on hierarchical departmental structures. Project teams are fluid and focused on the content, schedule and objectives of the project they are working on. Because of this, teams are constantly changing. Modern offices need to be able to adapt to changing demands. And even more importantly, they must be able to anticipate those demands.

At the same time, work and personal life continue to meld into a work-life blend. Employees want to feel comfortable at their workplace and see it as more than just a place to work. In return, they are increasingly willing to spend more time working and are often available and active outside office hours. In order to attract, motivate and retain employees, today’s workplace needs to be a place where employees want to spend time.

The heart of modern office concepts

Earlier models of office planning and design prioritized the concept of defined workspaces. Next came storage options like cupboards arranged around desks. Finally, special zones like conference rooms, kitchenettes and reception were addressed. This approach put the individual workspace in the spotlight, while communication areas were delegated to special zones.

Today’s approach turns these earlier models on their head. Office design today tends to revolve around areas that encourage communication with individual workspaces acting as quiet areas and thus falling under the category of special zones.

The perfect solution for your company can be found somewhere between the two poles of traditional departmental orientation and project-related flexible working environments. Our expert workplace consultants assist companies in every phase of their corporate growth, helping them find the right balance for their individual office concept and optimize their space accordingly.



New office concepts

  • Potential analysis and identifying ways to optimize working models and office space
  • Strategic demand planning and organizational building planning
  • Creation and realization of sustainable office concepts
  • Change management services to support change at your company
  • Interior design and workplace design

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