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Making sound decisions

Property valuation is more important today than ever before. Property valuation requirements continue to grow and many market participants have become considerably more risk-conscious. Determining market value and effectively identifying value-relevant parameters are decisive factors when it comes to financing, the acquisition and disposal phase, investor reporting and accounting. Our services provide insight into the fundamental data of your property as well as the market forces relevant to your property’s value. Not only does in-depth property valuation take the special characteristics of a property into account, it also considers any relevant legal aspects as well as the general market situation. As a result, professional property valuation gives investors, lenders and owners a decisive strategic advantage and helps them make well-founded decisions when it comes to real estate.

Our Services

  • Determining market value in accordance with German regulatory (ImmoWertV & BauGB) and international standards (RICS, IVS, etc.)
  • Determining mortgage lending value for project financing pursuant to BelWertV/PfandBG
  • Discounted cash flow/investment analysis
  • Determining insured value
  • Determining rental value, preparing construction progress reports
  • Location and market analysis
  • Rent and cost analysis
  • Economic use of land sites and feasibility studies
  • Commenting on third-party expert reports and valuations

We prepare valuation reports for all property types and sizes, including commercial, office, retail, industrial and logistics, and hotels as well as residential assets, land sites and portfolios. Our property valuers are experienced, highly specialized civil engineers, architects, financial experts and real estate professionals. As members of RICS and certified real estate valuers under ISO/EC 17024 (HypZert), you can count on us to give you the best in terms of qualification and experience. We are particularly experienced when it comes to large portfolios and complex valuation activities. As our client you can rely on quick response times, deadline reliability, neutrality and discretion.

We work closely with our Colliers research teams, which have access to our own in-house market and transaction databases. This allows us to verify our valuation results, guaranteeing you the highest degree of accuracy and reliability. We are also the partner you need when it comes to international portfolio valuation. Our services give you access to a variety of expert teams from our global network. And we are more than happy to coordinate all your cross-border projects.

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