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Research Services

A solid foundation for your decisions

Quality real estate solutions require careful planning. Markets are constantly changing, which means you need a good eye, objective data analysis and an understanding of complex relationships. Our research and advisory services give you the tools you need to effectively make long-term decisions that impact your business and financial portfolio. We take a transparent, client-oriented approach to analyzing market activity, giving you a sound, secure basis for all of your decisions.

Phase 1

We use quantitative and qualitative data to analyze the surrounding area for a more detailed assessment of your location or potential location. Our analysis includes data on stock properties in the area as well as infrastructure, access, the area’s reputation and predominant usage types, also taking into account hard and soft location factors.

A potential analysis takes a closer look at the following parameters: sales potential, demand potential, supply gaps, upside potential, competition and projected developments and trends at the location.

Which asset types have the most potential at a location? Which usage mix would be most effective? What are the potential trends and developments at a location? Our feasibility studies provide you with valuable insight.

Phase 2

What are the impacts of the current market situation and location on your project? How can these be used to increase the success of your project? We assess each potential location in consideration of all the factors that are essential in selecting the perfect site, whether from a tenant, landlord or investor perspective.

Our letting potential analysis answers questions such as “how much demand can I expect this property to generate?” and “what are tenants/investors currently looking for?”. We also analyze the relevant sector, upside potential and area measurements and outline the opportunities these present.

Our analyses provide you with a clear picture of your project’s target group on the basis of a variety of market-relevant parameters. This information helps you specify the details of your property, demand volume, fitout requirements of your target group and appropriate rent level structure. Relevant questions include: Which target group will be attracted to the property and what are that target group’s space requirements?

We test the marketability of your property to help you make the right decision. Does your project meet the requirements of your target group? What modifications would increase your chances of success? In this phase we also look outside the box and evaluate comparable properties.

Phase 3

Property benchmarking gives you an overview of current competitive properties and analyzes your property in terms of its strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition. This gives you an immediate overview the current standards in positioning a property and where improvements could be made.

We look at supply, demand and future trends to calculate the rental income your property can generate from a market perspective based on the specified fitout quality.

What’s next? Our extensive, Germany-wide research database enables us to forecast medium and long-term trends for your location. We use the information from our database to determine rent-level trends and future supply and demand as well as the effects these could have on your property, taking into account key property information as well as general economic data.

Our researchers analyze your potential target group during the marketing phase as well. Who could be a potential tenant for your property? What requirements do these target groups have in terms of office space? How can you most effectively position your property to attract the attention of your target groups? Travel time analysis is also a key component of this phase. Location is usually the main criterion in tenant property searches. How easily can employees reach your property by car or public transportation? We also work with our GIS experts to create mapping images and compare several alternative locations in detail.

Phase 4

Looking to buy, sell or finance a property? Having access to reliable data and information is essential. We work closely with our letting and investment experts to advise you extensively throughout the acquisition process. We provide you with a transparent overview of the letting or investment market, property analyses and market-side support when it comes to preparing proposal documents for your committees.

We also offer professional, in-depth due diligence (risk assessment) during the disposal phase. Within the scope of due diligence, we analyze the market parameters involved in your investment decision. Our research services include rent level and demand potential assessment, competition analysis, rent level forecasts and projections regarding the future competitive situation.

Our team of occupier services experts provides tenants with competition analyses, multi-criteria analyses for location selection and travel time analyses based on customers and employees traveling by car or public transportation. This information gives you a better overview of the locations you are considering and helps you make the right decision.

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