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Capital Markets

Investment with personality

Looking to buy or sell a property or land site? We provide extensive, expert advice, in-depth analysis and personal assistance throughout all phases of your real estate investment. Your questions, requirements and investment goals are at the heart of what we do. Our capital markets and investment teams use their extensive market knowledge to effectively advise you on the acquisition and disposal of single assets throughout Germany in every asset class: from office, retail, industrial and logistics, residential, hotel and land sites for property developers to care facilities and healthcare.

On 23rd September our Colliers Capital Markets leaders from around the world came together to discuss the current trends, challenges, and opportunities for the Real Estate industry. Our experts also provided their views of What’s Next? for the investment market in Q4 and beyond. Click here to watch the live recording.
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Understanding the big picture

Our effective approach to portfolio acquisition and disposal takes all opportunities and risks into account when it comes to your transactions. Whether sovereign wealth funds, high net-worth individuals or institutional or private equity funds, we are familiar with the current investment profiles and acquisition criteria of all investors around the world. Our global capital markets team has daily access to all relevant investor groups in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Our motto in everything we do is “Accelerating Success.”

Our portfolio investment team efficiently manages portfolio disposal processes and analyzes multi-regional portfolios comprised of different asset classes and prepares these for the sales process or advises regarding their purchase. We use our online, database-supported portfolio process system (PPS) to compile a variety of current location and property-specific data. We work closely with our local investment advisors to prepare acquisition and disposal price analyses, portfolio cash flow projections, investment calculations and sensitivity analyses and to make complex asset portfolios transparent and accessible to buyers and financing institutions.

This allows us to provide our clients with a combination of detailed local market data, information specific to your asset class, extensive knowledge of current investor requirements, state-of-the-art portfolio analysis and centralized management of portfolio transactions.

Real estate investment in secondary and tertiary cities

Following the trend seen in Germany’s major office hubs, more and more of Germany’s secondary and tertiary cities are becoming attractive investment destinations. Secondary cities are defined as locations with a strong economic influence on their region that are also of national importance. Tertiary cities have regional appeal and, in some cases, also hold economic significance at a national level.

Germany’s economic stability combined with ongoing limited supply in the country’s major cities are turning secondary and tertiary cities into interesting locations for innovative companies and young talents. As a result, office assets in these locations are increasingly attracting the attention of both German and international investors looking to take advantage of the benefits these assets offer. Market transparency in secondary and tertiary locations can still sometimes be a challenge, which is why these locations offer exciting opportunities for investors with in-depth knowledge of the local markets. That’s where we come in with our investment advisory services and our team of experts in office investment in secondary and tertiary cities.

With our services for office investment in secondary and tertiary cities, we help investors effectively expand their portfolios to include these cities. More than any other company in the industry, Colliers International stands for years of local expertise throughout Germany. Our local presence gives our experts the extensive knowledge of secondary and tertiary markets they need to effectively advise you in your real estate investment, guaranteeing success.

Keeping your transaction audit-proof

We coordinate technical and legal due diligence for your investment and help you set up both physical and virtual data rooms. Our comprehensive documentation helps keep the entire transaction audit-proof. We also collaborate closely with external architects, lawyers and surveyors, giving you access to all the information you need to make the best decision.

Benefit from the expertise of our capital markets advisory teams specialized in office, retail, industrial and logistics, land site and residential investment. We also offer expert buy-side advisory services as well as portfolio investment services for Germany and abroad.

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