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Workplace Advisory

Create a workplace that engages your employees

Work is changing and so is the workplace. Workplace strategy used to be about maintaining facilities and trimming expenses - but it’s not that simple anymore. Businesses need to create workplaces that attract the best talent, adjust to shifting workforce demographics and promote employee wellbeing, as well as staying ahead of new demands and technologies.  

All of this must be accomplished while containing costs in an increasingly competitive recruitment and retention landscape. 

We take a holistic fact based approach to create an empowering work environment that is ready for the future. If you are considering a change to your work environment, planning to review your business model, changing headcount; or if you want to increase employee engagement and become an employer of choice, our Workplace Consultancy team is here to help you make the right choices. 

Workplace consultancy is the analytical approach to optimising the occupier’s value from the space they use, by considering the processes undertaken within the space, working patterns, company culture, benchmarks and trends within the industry. We present innovative solutions, engaging new technologies, new ways of working and space solutions to create a more efficient environment, while also delivering improved facilities, reducing cost and improving productivity. 

We analyse your organisational strategy, work processes, work styles and lifestyles of current and future employees, working closely with your HR, IT and facility departments. This information will be help us to form workplace solutions that truly accelerate your business. 

We use a proven, structured approach to develop the workplace solutions. It’s important to involve both senior management and employees during the process. By involving employees, the focus is on co-creation. The more people are involved, the less change management is required afterwards.

Our service include

  • DataCollection
    Data collection and analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Recommendationsandspacebudgeting
    Recommendations and space budgeting
  • Strategicplanning
    Strategic planning and change management
  • Communicationmanagement
    Communication management
  • TestFits
    Test Fits
  • Space Planning
    Space Planning
  • InteriorDesign
    Interior Design
  • Furniture Solutions
    Furniture Advisory
  • IT
    IT Advisory
  • Debt
    Debt Advisory
  • Secure the best financing partners

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