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Retail Agency

Find the right location for your brand / business

Find the right location for your brand and business. 
Colliers’ Retail team offers unrivalled reach and experience to serve a diverse group of retailers, retail property owners and developers. Retail is highly linked to changing trends in fashion, concept, product, physical and virtual destination, and with a growth in e-commerce activity, the whole concept of retail and how and where to shop is undergoing a transformation.  
Landlord Representation - High Street
Our wealth of experience working with luxury, contemporary, bridge and fast fashion brands will benefit any owner of a High Street store.  We can help you with the pricing assessment of your property. We will search and match prospective retailers. We will represent you in the lease negotiations to ensure the best possible terms to enhance your investment. 
Landlord Representation - Shopping Centres and office buildings 
We work with prospective landlords of shopping centres and office buildings. We will prepare your ERV assessment, advising you on the merchandise and tenant mix, hidden opportunities and trends. We create innovative marketing campaigns to attract the best performing retail tenants. We can represent you throughout the full leasing process. 
Brand Representation 
We represent brands across the entire retail spectrum from beauty, sport and outerwear, home and design, lifestyle, food and beverage, mass market leisure, fashion and accessories, from fast fashion to contemporary and luxury brands. We will provide you with research and local retail market analyses to support your real estate decision making. We help new up and coming brands to find the most efficient ‘route to market’.  We will advise you on store locations and the development strategy to reach your target customers at terms that set the stage for your future success.  
We can also support chain store expansion for newcomers to the Czech market. As well as supporting lease negotiations and renegotiations, we are experts in portfolio restructuring for retail brands. 
Franchise Advisory  
We can match and introduce experienced local retailers to brands that are seeking to enter the Czech market through a partner. We ensure a collaborative approach, offering research studies and retail market analyses to support decision making. 
We know the retail sectors that are the most profitable in our local market, as well as the brands that are successful across the world. We can secure partnerships with desirable brands, helping to secure the right store location and build your store - and your new business.  

Here are the answers to questions you may have about the Retail Agency

The Czech Retail Agency team offers a full range of services for investors, owners and tenants operating in the retail and leisure sector. We ensure a consistent service for our clients, helping them to making the right decisions, acquisitions and investments that meet their business needs, as well as assisting with growth plans and sustainability.  

We work closely with our Valuation and Advisory colleagues to provide you with a suite of services, such as single asset valuation, portfolio valuation, right of way valuation, lease and cost analysis, litigation support and feasibility studies. With our unique and expanding platform, we continue to attract the valuation industry’s leading professionals and provide a full range of expertise across all commercial property types nationwide.  

Our Design and Build colleagues can give you an estimate for a tailor made turnkey solution to design and fit-out your space. With our in-house experts we can help you to create a unique and memorable flagship for your brand. 

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