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Capital Markets

Join our family and improve your returns from real estate


We leverage our global relationships to help increase return on your investments.  
Your dedicated Colliers expert will help you determine the optimum investment strategy, whether market conditions dictate that you should buy, sell, hold or refinance. We will connect you with the people you need to know - the owners and developers, as well as local and institutional investors.  
Real estate can be complicated. We simplify the sales and acquisition process to make it easier for you to meet your real estate and financial targets. First, we listen. Only then do we analyse your real estate needs through the lens of detailed market data. We provide solutions and recommendations. Once we have agreed the strategy, we execute the buy or sell strategy - quickly and with care. Speed and accuracy are important to you, so they are critical for us.  
Our clients range from high net worth individuals and family offices to local and global institutional investors, banks and owner-occupiers. Our clients and their needs always differ, so our advice is always bespoke. 
Sell side advisory and execution 
On the sell side, we run a slick sales process that generates genuine value. We do this by applying our best in class marketing technology and the type of creative thinking that only comes with real experience and genuine curiosity to create a story to drive investor interest. By maximising the property's USPs in the market and leveraging our deep relationships with buyers within a competitive sales process, sellers are assured of securing true ‘best bids’. 
Specific outputs can include: 
Teasers highlighting property USPs 
Detailed investment memoranda and data packs 
Cleaned/checked institutional format tenancy schedules 
Professional viewings 
Sell side commercial due diligence 
Securing indicative debt terms 
Cash flow modelling 
Negotiations with potential investors 
Setting up secure e-data room 
Managing the due diligence process 
Advice on sales (PA and SPA) agreements 
Support right up to the successful conclusion of the transaction. 
Securing investor interest  
We work hard on our relationships with investors. We regularly engage with investor groups at all levels, from research to acquisition specialists to fund managers and from country level to worldwide. This engagement gives Colliers an insider’s view to likely buyers and their thinking.  
Building relationships is of course the fun part of the job. That said, we invest in these relationships because it’s going to be useful to you as a seller when you choose to sell your real estate and it’s going to be useful to you as a buyer when you are in a position to look for appropriate properties to buy. 
Buy side advisory and execution 
On the buy side, we consider ourselves an extension of you, the buyer. We combine our mergers and acquisitions and real estate acquisition experience with expertise and data from supporting teams including leasing, property management, technical advisory and if required, debt advisory and technical due diligence. We secure the asset on the best terms for you, highlighting risks and opportunities in the process.  
In addition to identifying and introducing opportunities that best meet your risk and return profile, we can also perform detailed buy side due diligence. Specific outputs can include: 
Identifying appropriate opportunities 
Analysis and verification of detailed investment memoranda and data packs against in place leases 
Cleaned/checked institutional format tenancy schedules 
Professional viewings and on-site inspections 
Cash flow modelling 
Red flag reports and negotiations (if required) 
Purchase reports including economic analysis, market positioning/analysis, performance analyses (retail) and service charge analysis  
Securing full debt financing package (if required) 
Technical due diligence (if required) 
Negotiations with sellers/sellers’ representatives  
Managing the due diligence process 
Advice on purchase (PA and SPA) agreements 
Support right up to the successful conclusion of the transaction. 

Here are the answers to questions you may have about the Investment

We are a full service, boutique investment advisory house - in terms of experience and client approach, while being a ‘big four’ real estate house - in terms of contacts, data and breadth of teams and expertise. Much like a boutique hotel, we have a ‘kaizen’ mindset where we are always looking to learn and improve our service. We genuinely love what we do. When you work with us, you will love what we do too.  

Yes. With Loan to Value (LTV) often between 50-70% we understand how critical debt financing can be to the returns that you generate for your shareholders. Our experienced and unique Debt Advisory department, comprised of former bankers, is focused on securing the best commercial debt terms for specific clients and properties both on the buy side and, if required, on the sell side of transactions. We work with all of the major financing banks that are active in this market to ensure that you are connected with the right financial partner at the right terms. And we do this quickly. Just like our buy and sell side services, if we can do something today, we will do it today. Speed and accuracy are important to you, so we make them priorities for us. 
One more thing – we are a family of elephants! We are joined up - just like a family of elephants. Whether between departments in our office in the Czech Republic - between offices in CEE - or even globally, we are all joined up and we take care of each other. That’s a cultural thing - and it’s not easy to replicate.  And it’s a good thing for you too; it means that we can deliver opportunities for you in other sectors and in other markets. Perhaps that won’t be today or tomorrow – but, like an elephant, we have excellent memories. And when you are ready for your next opportunity, we will be ready too. That’s how important your relationship is to us – and, hopefully, to you too.  

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