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Industrial and Logistics

Bringing expertise and agility to your industrial real estate solutions

The knowledge and experience of the Industrial and Logistics Agency team provides clients with advice and assistance that generates a competitive advantage and commercial leverage.  

Occupier Services 
We help occupiers of logistics, distribution and manufacturing premises by procuring industrial premises that best suit immediate and future business plans. We also advise on key factors such as labour availability and cost, government grants or incentives, infrastructure changes and freight costs. Our primary aim is to understand what you need and deliver a real estate solution that helps your business goals. We provide real estate support so that you can focus on your business.  
We support the process from inception to execution of a project, and beyond. Throughout the advisory process we rigorously work to identify the best building or land options and achieve optimum occupational costs and contract terms. We can support or lead contract negotiations, ensuring all parties fulfill their obligations and identifying and mitigating risk. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the final building solutions fit your needs and benefit your business. Our industrial and logistics specialists have an exceptional track record in Tenant Representation services, bringing together expertise and knowledge of the local and international markets. We have worked across a range of challenging projects, sharing critical market know-how with our clients and exploiting opportunities locally and across borders. 
Landlord Services 
Our team provides owners of industrial premises with sale, disposal or leasing advice. We provide leasing strategies for vacant premises or future developments, and guidance if you plan to sell your industrial property. We collect and analyse market data that helps predict occupier trends, building competition, rental rates, prevailing lease conditions and sale prices. We deliver leasing or sales marketing advice, strategies and execution. We also possess the knowledge and expertise to advise on refurbishment or development as well as project managing the construction programme. 

Here are the answers to questions you may have about our services:

The key to delivering successful solutions for your business is to listen carefully and understand your individual requirements. Our experts have comprehensive market knowledge and transactional experience, working with you to provide:  
Negotiation of the most favorable transactions terms

Advisory services and coordination of the entire process on your behalf  

Property viewings 

Optimisation of costs and location to provide the best solutions for your business 

Preparation of market reports and strategies based on individual needs 

Access to the deepest and most current market knowledge 

Consulting and support during negotiations 

Transaction confidentiality 

Transaction security - Colliers is always an independent consultant. 

The renegotiation of a lease agreement can be undertaken by any tenant. The achievable scale of savings depend on volume of occupied space, market position of the tenant (if renegotiations are conducted individually) or agency representing the tenant (when the renegotiation process is conducted by external experts). 

One reason is simply to reduce rental costs. Depending on the project, we can achieve cost savings of up to 10 - 30% of initial paid rent. In the case of long term leases and leases of large spaces, the savings can reach up to several million Euros. Additional financial and organisational benefits result from avoiding the costs associated with having to move to a new location, which could result in the potential loss of qualified employees and the need to recruit a new team. 

Our experience shows that few occupiers choose to initiate the lease renegotiation process. Interviews with clients have indicated that one reason is that they don’t appreciate how big the potential savings can be. Another issue is that occupiers often don’t act early enough before the expiry of the lease term. With an almost 53% share in the industrial and logistics market, Colliers has the comprehensive knowledge, making us well placed to help with your renegotiations. 

The Colliers team is one of the largest on the Czech market and can provide full support across all regions. We have specialists who have a deep understanding and experience in industrial and logistics development at a local level in every region. 

Yes. We share our knowledge and common practices throughout our network of industrial specialists internationally. You will receive the same level and quality of service across the world, retaining the same point of contact throughout if you wish.  We have a regional Industrial director in our Czech Republic office who can coordinate this, ensuring consistency of service. 

We have a tool called ‘Industrial Expert’, designed and developed by Colliers professionals over time, reflecting our experience with projects over the last few years. This tool provides tailor made, objective and transparent evaluation and assessment of all data regarding long listed sites and regions, helping you to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. 

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