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Design and Build

Create a memorable workspace.

The workplace is a key element which supports your business strategy, attracts and retains talented staff and promotes collaboration, flexibility and innovation. 

Colliers’ Design and Build team are dynamic and experienced professionals with a passion for design and construction. We love creating unique, personalised solutions  - for us construction is an art. No matter what type of premises, whether office, retail or hospitality, we bring energy, fresh ideas and pride to our work. 

Scope of Services

  • 1 Space Planning
    Space Planning
    In Space Planning, the professional designer/architect will block out interior special areas, define circulation patterns, develop plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement
  • 2 Interior Design
    Interior Design
    Our designers will prepare for you a complete architectural study including vizualisations and specifications of all decorations and surface finishes
  • 3 3dvideo walk
    3D video walk-through
    As a part of design study, we usually prepare video walk-through the designed space. This allows client to better imagine how his/her future space will look like and see literally each room with all equipment and final surfaces. This solution is also cost effective, as client doesn’t need to pay for numerous vizualizations.
  • 4 Technical Project
    Technical Project Documentation & Building Permit
    As a part of turnkey delivery project we secure execution of technical project documentation and coordinate permitting process on behalf of the Landlord if required
  • 5 FitOut
    ur experienced team, who finished over 36,000 sqm of office space with total turnover 50mil €, is ready to build your dream space. Quality, Time, Health & Safety are only a few examples of what we care about. We will analyze your needs, draft the program of requirements and specifications, hire the contractors and coordinate the work up to and including delivery of your building
  • 6 Furniture Delivery
    Furniture Delivery
    With our various number of furniture contractors, we are also able to fulfill your furniture requirements

About Us

We are a highly experienced, synchronized and motivated team that since going live has won some major mandates and has worked with a variety of local and international companies on the Czech market. We are also familiar with the corporate structures and understand how internal processes are reported and approved.

Our Values

Transparency, quality, time efficiency and commitment. We also understand the importance of team work, between ourselves and towards our clients.


Our team has been working together for almost a decade and together we have implemented and successfully completed projects with an area of tens of thousands of m2 of office space. We are united by a great team, knowledge and skills that lead us to further success.


We believe that each of our clients is unique and so are their needs. That is why we approach each client individually and solve their needs directly.


Our Case Studies

ZF triad

ZF Openmatics

The client wanted a 21st century-style, modern office, which would be comfortable for his employees and reflect the philosophy of the company. These were the main instructions, otherwise we had relatively free hands to play.

1,000 sqm

ZF Openmatics
JDE Triad

Jacob Douwe Egberts

The main goal was to design an office space inspired by coffee and the atmosphere around it and create a workplace experience that looks and feels like a cafeteria reflecting on the main product and focus of the company.

1,396 sqm

Nestle triad


Our task for this project was to create a nicer looking office space while taking into consideration 3 main points:  The building, the brand and the people.

7,300 sqm


The workplace has been evolving since inception, but never so quickly as in today’s ever advancing, technologically enhanced world of flexibility and innovation. It should be expected that the workplace we know and experience today will be vastly different in a couple of years and possibly unrecognisable by 2022. How will this change come about, what will be the instigators and drivers of the change and what does it mean for landlords and occupiers?

Colliers notes that the most successful companies look at workplace strategy as a true business opportunity rather than just a design challenge. By bringing together our insights and experiences from every corner of the world, we have identified five major shifts we believe businesses need to make in the workplace over the next five years, contributing to the development of the workplace of the future.

The extra service we can bring to you

Our Design & Build team in cooperation with our Workplace Solutions team can bring you the full value and benefit of merging both services under one process. This is when the “Best of Two Worlds” blend and meet.

Here are the answers to questions you may have about the Design and Build process.

  • Space planning
  • Architectural design
  • Execution of technical documentation
  • Engineering (building permits)
  • Construction works
  • Furniture delivery.

Although the turnkey solution is the most effective way to deliver the space, we can also offer specific services tailored to your requirements. For example, we are happy to provide regular maintenance works for your existing spaces.  

We have experience delivering spaces ranging from ten to multiple thousand square metres. No space is too big or too small for us.  

We are experts in delivering spaces for office, retail and hospitality sectors.  

We believe that each client is unique and so are your needs. You will receive an individual approach, fully understanding your requirements and finding tailor made solutions. We believe in transparency, quality, time efficiency and commitment. We also understand the importance of teamwork, both between ourselves and with you, our client.  

Our experts

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