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Debt and Equity Advisory

Secure the best financing partners.

With Loan to Value (LTV) often between 50 - 70%, we understand how critical debt financing can be. Our financing professionals actively maintain relationships with national and international capital solutions providers, debt funds, commercial banks and private equity firms.

We bring together those relationships with our real estate experience and proprietary modelling to provide insights into capital market conditions, providing you with a competitive advantage in debt and equity placements or refinancing. 

We understand all commercial property types  including  office, retail, logistics, hotels and residential. We have a detailed understanding of the commercial property lending climate in  the Czech Republic and can manage the loan documentation process on your behalf. 

We define a suitable financing structure to be used for your project. We can provide you with all competitive financing conditions available on the market, including long term financing through a tender process. We analyse your financing needs. This can include options on equity release, mezzanine  finance  and  other  capital  transaction  types eg. finance, restructuring, loan modification, loan vs. sale. 


Our services include: 

  • Construction loans  
  • Investment loans  

  • Refinancing

  • Project finance and acquisition finance 

  • Distressed debt restructuring 

  • Participating loans 

  • Non-performing loans 

  • Credit impaired but performing loans and bridge financing

  • Forward transactions (loans and sales)

  • Mezzanine debt / preferred equity

  • Development feasibility and advisory work with a focus on raising capital.

We have extensive financing experience, offering:

  • A clear explanation of business goals to prospective lenders in order to achieve the financial best fit 
  • Justification for lenders to prioritise your borrowing needs 

  • Competence in loan documentation process management 

  • Access to lenders in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), across Europe and beyond 

  • In-depth knowledge of the commercial property markets in CEE 

  • Other complementary real estate services such as property valuation and real estate  investment.

Here are the answers to questions you may have about the Debt Advisory.

Debt financing can usually be obtained at a lower cost. 

This is a common solution which is tailored to suit each project depending on an investor’s desire for returns. We can help optimise growth without committing to excessive levels of interest payments. 

Our experienced Debt Advisory department, which includes former banking professionals, is focused on securing the best commercial debt terms for specific clients and properties. We can secure financing for buyers and transaction advisory when acquiring the property. We also assist with exit solutions on the sell side with the assistance of our Investment team.  We work with all major financing banks that are active in this market to ensure that you are connected with the right financial partner at the optimum commercial debt terms. And we do this quickly. If we can do something today, we will do it today. Speed and accuracy are important to you, so we make them priorities for us. 

Yes, absolutely. Our Investment department is a full service, boutique investment advisory team - in terms of experience and client approach - while being a ‘big four’ real estate house - in terms of contacts, data and breadth of expertise. On the sell side, we run a polished sales process that generates genuine value. We do this by applying our best in class marketing technology and the type of creative thinking that only comes with real experience and genuine curiosity to create a story which drives investor interest. By maximising your property's USPs and leveraging our relationships with buyers in a competitive sales process, sellers are assured of securing true ‘best bids’.

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Slovansky Dum, Na Prikope  859/22 | Prague 1, 11000 | Czech Republic 
+420 226 537 618