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Colliers launches online tool to help businesses discover new workplace strategies

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Workplace Expert helps businesses across the world plan the future of their workplaces

Leading diversified professional services and investment management company Colliers International announced the launch of a new online tool entitled Workplace Expert. Developed in response to changing work practices, the free tool helps businesses take their very first steps in shaping their future workplace strategy and creating an optimal work environment for their organization and people.


Workplace Expert recommends different office environments and configurations based on responses to questions about a business’ goals, working patterns and drivers behind their brand and operating culture. The tool is fueled by extensive benchmarking data, insights from Colliers’ global surveys during the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging market trends.



Jana Vlkova, Head of Workplace Advisory at Colliers International Czech Republic said: “The Colliers Workplace Expert is an online tool that helps companies to develop their work strategy. It has been created in response to the current changes in the working environment and the use of the office, and its purpose is to help the company with its new setting related to its size and the use of its premises.


On the basis of the responses to the given questions related to the company operations, company culture and future expectations of the company function, Workplace Expert will provide alternative proposals for the office setting and fit-out using the reference data from our global network of offices, from our customers' experience surveys and the knowledge of the emerging trends in the work place.


The tool was designed to be intuitive and to enable the companies the first insight into their ideal work place setting. The result does not only show the necessary space, but it also shows a distribution of different work zones based on the types of work and suggest a proportion of shared space. The tool helps the company gain the first draft we can then work out together on the basis of a deeper company analysis.”


Workplace Expert responds to inputs about organizational characteristics of each individual company, rather than recommending a solution based on a preference already indicated. As well as suggesting specific office environments, the tool recommends office sizing and the number of workstations and functional areas needed. 


To try the Workplace Expert tool visit the Colliers website here

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Jana Vlkova

Director, Head of Office and Workplace Advisory


Since August 2019, Director of Workplace Advisory. I joined Colliers in April 2012 to take over the role of Head of Office Agency and in August 2018 I was promoted to the position Director of Business Development. I am  responsible for Occupier Services including Workplace Advisory which is followed by Test Fits, Fit-out design and building process, i.e. following the full occupancy process communicating with our clients including large corporates such as SAP, Microsoft or UniCredit Bank. I closely cooperate also with Office Agency to support the full scope of service connected with office occupancy. 

Prior to joining Colliers, I worked as the Managing Director of Bank Austria Real Invest Asset Management CR. I was responsible for providing full asset management services to internal (Real Invest Europe investment fund) as well as external clients (Pramerica Real Estate Investors). I managed portfolio of 9 properties in Czech Republic as well as Slovakia of the total value close to 200 mil. EUR and lettable area of 100,000 sq.m.


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