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Promotion of Ezequiel Gonzalez Sanchez to Senior Architect


Ezequiel González Sánchez brings talent to one of Colliers’ eleven service lines and market recognition in form of two prestigious awards

Colliers Czech Republic, leading global commercial real estate services and investment management firm, announces that Ezequiel González Sánchez was promoted to Senior Architect in the Design & Build department. Colliers recognised his hard work and dedication Ezequiel showed in his projects is a meaningful contribution to Colliers’ business success on the market.

During his time in Colliers, since November 2019, Ezequiel has developed office design for clients as Mercedes Benz Logistics Parts Eastern Europe, JDE Douwe Egberts, Alcon Pharmaceutical, Nestle and Nespresso in Prague, as well as DeLL in Bratislava or ZF Openmatics in Plzen. 


His design work for the Mercedes Benz Logistics Parts Eastern Europe’s (MBLPEE) project has been recognized twice by the Czech market. In 2020, the MBLPEE project won the ABSL Diamond Award for Innovative Workplace, achieving the best score in categories such as innovativeness, impact on business, the success of implementation and employee’s feedback. In 2021, the MBLEE project won two CIJ awards for “The Best Interior Design” Concept and for “The Best New Tenant”. 


Ezequiel González Sánchez saidI’m really happy to be part of Colliers. In the short time I’ve been working here I had already the opportunity to work for great clients and help them make their wishes come true. Collaborating with a fantastic team of professionals around, joining forces on projects with my teams in Workplace advisory, Office agency or Building Consultancy makes it easy to keep the enthusiasm for the work we are doing and stay motivated with every new assignment. 

„The team spirit and the friendship I found here, helped me a lot to grow both on personal and professional level, which was really gratifying in a difficult year that 2020 was. Receiving two design awards with a reputable client was an immense acknowledgement for the hard work of our Design & Build team. It shows how much we have grown in a short time.“

Ondřej Slavík, Head of Design & Build, Colliers Czech Republic, said: “Eze’s architecture skills have grown in great scale with his last projects, he is creating real challenges and pushing our construction team to the limits.“ 

“Ezequiel is a great example of a young, talented and enthusiastic person, with a natural and rich team spirit, Eze was instrumental in some of the latest success we had including designing some award-winning projects and we are very happy to have Eze on board”, commented Tewfik Sabongui, Managing Partner, Colliers Czech Republic. 

Prior to November 2019, when Ezequiel González Sánchez took up the position of an Architect for Colliers, he worked for Tétris Design & Build since 2015. He successfully finished interior designs for Cemex, C2C, JLL & Tétris office, Workshop space for Google, Douglas Parfumeries, BHM, Whirlpool or Doctors without borders in Prague. To some of his projects abroad count Amazon in Bratislava, MSD in Riga or Lobby Design for Strabag in Vienna.  

One of Ezequiel’s key projects in 2017 was the design for Cemex IT HUB in Prague, a project that won the HR Innovation Challenge award organized by SAP and Zasedacka Roku 2017 organized by CBRE in the category of Future-proof and Innovative Offices. 

Ezequiel cooperates with Head of the Design & Build team, Ondřej Slavík, Architect Lenka Macková, Senior Associate, Manuel Perez and Construction Manager, Martin Lakomý. 

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Ezequiel Sanchez

Senior Designer | Design & Build Services


I joined Tétris Design & Build  in April 2015 after finishing university in Spain and relocating to Czech Republic.
Since then successfully supported the Design team in projects as ComAp, OCD or SLV lighting showroom, and since 2016 delivered several projects independently.
Among other finished projects are interior designs for Cemex, C2C ,JLL & Tétris office, Workshop space for Google, Douglas Parfumerie, BHM Group, Whirlpool or Doctors without borders in Prague as well as Amazon in Bratislava, MSD in Riga or a lobby design for Strabag in Vienna.

During my time in Colliers I have developed offices design for clients as Mercedes Benz, JDE Douwe Egberts, Alcon Pharmaceutical, Nestle and Nespresso in Prague, as well as DeLL in Bratislava , ZF Openmatics in Plzen or Hyundai offices and showroom in Ostrava.

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Ondrej Slavik

Director, Head of Design & Build Services


Ondřej's primary goal as director of Design & Build is setting up the business strategies, business development and mainly the assurance of the fulfilment of the client´s requirements and standards. With more than 8 years experience delivering fit-out projects in Czech Republic Ondřej has proved his capability to deliver any kind of fit-out works. Even when Ondřej has focused his career on the Construction Management area, he also has experience as Project Manager, proven by successfully delivered project for Comap company (7,500 m2). 

Prior to joining Colliers Ondřej worked at Tétris Design & Build and his responsibilities included:

- Supervising and delivering Turn Key projects including construction & M&E

- Contracting, tendering and preparing price offers including time schedules tendering and project pricing.

Prior to his joining Tétris, Ondřej worked on various residential and commercial projects e.g. Refurbishment of Visitors center of Staropramen Brewery, Villas Troja, Apartment building Salabka and Development at Řepkové pole Slivenec.

As a Design & Build Construction Manager, Ondřej has completed over 36,000 m2 of fit-out works in the last 6 years

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